Princeton University is one of the most well-known schools in the United States and it currently ranks at 1st in the country. The university was originally known as the College of New Jersey, after being found in 1746 in Elizabeth. After a few moves, the school settled on Princeton in 1756 and earned its current name in 1896, to show appreciation for the city it calls home.

Princeton is a 4 year or more, not-for-profit university that offers students the chance to get Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorates in over 30 disciplines. Currently, 8,840 attend the school.

Although it was originally a school to train ministers, John Witherspoon, the president in 1768 and signer of the Declaration of Independence, decided to change the focus to preparing students to lead the future nation. His efforts led to a stable period in the college’s history. However, the stability disappeared for a few years during the American Revolution, thanks largely in part to the Battle of Princeton. British soldiers actually occupied Nassau Hall, until George Washington’s forces and canons were able to drive them out.

Later, the same building would serve as the capitol of the United States and meeting place for the Continental Congress, even if it was only for five months. The centuries after the war saw the expansion and development of the University.

Princeton may no longer be a school for ministers, but they are located directly next to the Princeton Theological Seminary, who often share resources. The university’s motto also has a history steeped in religion: Dei Sub Numine Viget or Under God’s Power She Flourishes. The insignia also has a religious background, meant to signify both the Old and New Testaments.

The school has, of course, produced some remarkable students including Presidents Woodrow Wilson and James Madison, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Aaron Burr. While writer F. Scott Fitzgerald did not graduate, Joyce Carol Oates did. Today, we also see a lot of famous Princeton names including the Amazon CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, and Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt.

Princeton University puts a remarkable emphasis on student education and experience and it’s easy to see why they rank among the top schools in the nation.

Campus Overview

  • Locale City: Small

  • Highest degree offered Doctor's degree

  • Academic calendar Semester

  • Religious affiliation Not applicable

Student Enrollment

Total Students
5,604 (63.4%)
3,238 (36.6%)
Undergraduate Students
Male 2,802
Female 2,802
Graduate Students
Male 1,619
Female 1,619

  • Campus Location

    1 Nassau Hall Princeton, NJ 08544

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