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Students on a challenging obstacle course as part of orientation.
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5 Colleges with the Most Unique Orientation Programs

Freshmen orientation programs are on the rise in today’s modern academia. The goal is often to provide a sense of belonging to new students, thereby encouraging them to continue at the institution for the rest of their college career. Of course, some of these college orientation programs are a little more interesting than others. For …
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Colleges with the Best Career Centers

While students seek different things from their college experience, it is generally agreed that the most important thing that a college can do is prepare one for a career in the real world. Students struggle through tests, exams, readings, and long, stressful nights with only coffee for company, all to someday graduate and take a …
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Colleges that Fully Meet Financial Need

It is a well-established fact that the expense of attending college has grown over the past few decades. Where once our parents could work a part-time job and pay off college as they went, current students usually cannot. So it’s important to find colleges that work with students to lower the cost of attendance. Most …
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Colleges with the Greatest Outdoor Trails

We all know how much time students spend indoors. There is so much to learn, so much to study, and in many states, you can’t really study outside for a large chunk of the year. Some students make a point to get outside to run, bike, or hike. Activities such as these provide breaks from …
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Colleges with the Best Art Programs

Schools are often highlighted for their outstanding programs in math, science, and engineering. While these are all respected and important areas of study, it is also important to remember that not everybody’s talents or interests lie with studying facts and figures. There will always be a need for artistic ability in the workforce, which is …
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Colleges with the Best Dining Halls

When visiting a college for the first time, there are many important questions to ask. Prospective students, or their parents, often want to know about academic programs, extracurricular activities, living situations, and a myriad of other collegiate life aspects. However, students all agree that the most important question of all (just kidding, kind of) is …
Student walking infront of West Texas A&M University old main building.
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Schools with Great Incentives for Out-of-State Students

Most states have incentives for college students to attract them from that state. Whether it’s scholarship or grant opportunities or dual-credit class programs, they are trying to get your attention. While some students prefer to stay close to home, there are those of us who want to go elsewhere, whether it’s because an out-of-state school …
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Colleges with High 4-Year Graduation Rates

For those of you looking for colleges with impressive four-year graduation rates, here is a good place to start! We’ve talked about the importance of graduating in four years (or less) in other posts here on College Raptor. Here are nine colleges with the top rates for getting undergraduate students out into the world in …
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5 College Campuses That Turn into Beautiful Winter Wonderlands!

Some students prefer sunnier weather on the beach, some can’t wait for the first snowfall and the coming winter! This list is for the latter. Many campuses are transformed into beautiful colleges winter wonderlands when blanketed in snow—looking like picturesque snow-globes. University Massachusetts—Amherst With 5 total campuses, any one of the UMass locations could be …
Student's Macbook and blank notebook on their desk.
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Colleges with the Best Writing Programs

Are you the one who eagerly dives into the deep ocean of reading and is often seized with fits of writing? Then you absolutely need to develop your talent and set your inner voice free. No doubt, first steps can be quite awkward and chaotic thoughts may often mess up your story. But this is …