4 of the Best Colleges for Students Interested in Fashion

Whether it’s for fun or your intended career path, there are plenty of opportunities available for students interested in fashion. “Fashion,” of course, is a broad category: There’s design, marketing, photography, modeling, and other sub-categories. Here are some schools that have activities and programs for interested students.

Lasell College – Newton, MA

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Lasell is well-known for its student-run fashion magazine Polished. It was established back in 2000 with the goal of bringing its readers “the best of Boston culture including fashion, culture and entertainment.” The students write and produce the magazine; there’s a blog as well. If fashion writing is your thing, Lasell is worth checking out!

Pratt Institute – New York City (Brooklyn), NY

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With all the various fashions of New York, Pratt is well-situated for students who want to go into fashion design. Inspiration can come from anywhere: walking outside, going to the museums, and collaborations with your fellow students. There is also a huge selection of companies close by to intern with for some working-world experience. Pratt’s fashion design students are mandated to make their work public during the school year in galleries and shows, so you’ll get feedback from more than your classmates and instructors.

Iowa State University – Ames, IA

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I know, I know: What is a school like Iowa State doing on this list? It’s been ranked first in the Midwest when it comes to fashion merchandising. There is an annual fashion show—one of the largest student-produced shows in the nation—for students who want to design, produce, or model. Various internship opportunities exist so students can learn in places such as LA, NYC, and international destinations. Students can also participate in the student-run Trend Magazine.

Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR

Though Oregon State’s Apparel Design program is currently undergoing changes (to better align its course requirements with market demands), the program is known for its more work-inspired design. Previous specializations included Active Sportswear, Protective Clothing for Industry, Functional Apparel, and Costuming for Theater. Students have interned with companies such as Columbia Sportswear, Nordstrom, and Anna Sui.

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