Good Colleges to Go to for Unforgettable Cultural Experiences

If you want a cultural experience outside of yours, here are a few great colleges to go to

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All students go to college for an education, but many are also looking for something more in their particular choice. One aspect that quite a few students look for is a different cultural experience, something outside their norm. Here are just a few examples of colleges around the country that offer just that.

Good Colleges to Go to Outside Your Standards

University of Washington

The University of Washington is considered to have one of the best study abroad programs in the United States. With hundreds of choices, there are plenty of sections for any major, language, or interest. Students can study Asian Languages and Literature in China during the summer, Gender, Culture, and Human Rights in India, Architecture in Rome, Spanish in Peru, and more.

Their website supplies tons of information to help find the right destination and goals for your particular aims. The University of Washington asks you to consider what you want to study, if you want it to be in another language, the length of time you want to spend there, how much independence you’d like, the career you have in mind, and, of course, locations that interest you. More information on their study abroad program can be found here.

Eastern Illinois University

Another school that is known for its study abroad program is Eastern Illinois University. With over 300 locations and 580 programs available, the university is definitely a shining beacon for students looking for culture outside their norm. Programs also include short term study, intern, field, practical, and long term opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more about their available options, you can peruse all 583 right online.

Eastern Illinois University also offers an amazing cultural experience right on campus every week. Curriculum actually includes visiting historical areas, touring scenic locations, and more. Want to get out of your comfort zone? They also have that with sky diving and bungee jumping.

University of Colorado 

A top college town in the United States is often quoted as being Boulder, Colorado. One of the most popular school choices located in that city is the University of Colorado. Boulder, well known for its extensive culture, has been named “America’s Foodiest Town” and is also famous for its art, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly paths, and beautiful scenery. The city offers plenty of community service opportunities and the school itself has over 400 clubs, groups, and organizations.

The University of Colorado also boasts of an impressive study abroad program with options including Edinburgh, Florence, Galapagos Islands, Hong Kong, and more. You can see exactly what types of selections are available to students here.

For students really looking for a cultural experience in their college choice, there are also dozens if not hundreds of options available for every major. The ones listed above are only three examples. Interested in a particular school? Check out any information on their campus life, city, and study abroad programs before applying. You may just find a college high on your interest list that has the perfect opportunities for you!

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