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3 Colleges with the Unique Campuses

When you’re searching for your future college, you’re absolutely paying attention to the academic side: your major, the programs, the teachers. However, are you also looking at the campus? After all, while it may be a perfect school for you academically, you may hate its campus or life at the college. Something different may be …
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4 of the Happiest Colleges

Happiness is a difficult aspect to track, in any aspect of life. However, some studies do manage to track happiness when it comes to college. These are just four schools that are considered some of the “happiest” for its students in the United States. Vanderbilt University One of the consistently “happiest” schools in the United …
These campuses have easily accessible vegan food and are vegan-friendly.
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5 Vegan-Friendly Colleges

If you are a strict vegan looking for vegan-friendly campuses, you are in luck. With more and more people turning over to veganism, an increasing number of colleges are going out of their way to make it easy for vegan students to follow this strict diet that excludes any food derived from animals or animal …
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Thirteen of the Most Haunted College Campuses in the United States

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are endless spooky stories of hauntings surrounding colleges and universities. Ghost stories are often intertwined with a school’s history and culture, and have been passed down generation to generation. Just in time for Halloween, here are thirteen haunted college campuses. Ohio University Ohio University is considered to …
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Colleges with the Most Alumni who are CEOs

Interested in becoming a CEO? Maybe with a Fortune 500 company? These colleges may give you a good chance of pursuing that dream as they currently have some of the most alumni who are CEOs in the United States. The alumni examples listed below are current as of the writing of this article, but those …
Student studying while sitting on a bench at Berry College.
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Colleges with the Largest Campuses

When students are searching for their future college, they often take the location and size of the college into account. Are you looking for larger than average campuses? These four colleges, academies, and universities have the biggest campuses in the United States. Berry College Berry College is located in Mount Berry, Georgia, just outside of …
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7 Colleges with the Best Writing Centers

No matter, if you are a freshman at a college or have been a student for a long time, you might need assistance in writing various essays or research papers. That’s what college writing centers are for: you go there to ask for assistance when it comes to some difficulties in your writing tasks. College …
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Colleges With Impressive Orchestras

Whether you want to join one or just enjoy listening to the sound, university orchestras are often a wonder to behold. All those private lessons and practicing really pays off once you’re around other people who are similarly focused on music. The great thing is that few schools have orchestras that are purely music/performance major …
Here are some colleges with an interesting history
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Colleges With Interesting Histories (Part Two)

Knowing the history of your college can make for some intriguing conversations. And of course, the more fascinating the history, the more interesting the conversation. We’ve put together a few more colleges with an interesting history. Be sure to check out Part One of our Colleges with Interesting Histories series, too! Fisk University Located in …