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Top 10 Colleges With The Largest Endowments (2020)

    Endowments often form the biggest source of financial aid for most colleges and universities in America. Colleges use part of this endowment money on various expenses, mostly on long term plans to improve the campus facilities. An almost equal part of their endowment money is reserved to fund financial aid programs and student …
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Where Did the 2020 Presidential Candidates Go to College?

The campaign for the 2020 presidency is already well underway, and it promises to be an interesting and eventful race. Education policy is a hot topic on both sides of the political divide, and there are a number of proposals suggested that could change the landscape of education in America if implemented.  Since we’re all …
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Pros and Cons of Public vs. Private Colleges

There’s plenty of myths and commonly held beliefs about public schools vs. private ones. But what are the concrete differences? What’s a misconception? Is there a difference between a state-funded school and a privately-funded one? Is one better than the other? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each so you can better …
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Colleges With Beautiful Gardens

If you love the outdoors, flowers, plants, and fresh air, you may just want to consider these five schools. They may just be a perfect fit if you’re considering majoring in horticulture, biology, environmental sciences, or similar subjects, or even if you just love the outdoors. If you’re interested in finding more colleges with beautiful …
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Colleges For Students Interested In Marine Biology

Marine biology is an exciting science that delves into the depths of the ocean to learn more about this mysterious watery world. Marine biology students study more than just the individual organisms that inhabit the oceans. A large part of a marine biology program involves a study on the habitats and ecological environments in which …
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Colleges With the Coolest Pools & Swimming Facilities

Love to swim? Most colleges and universities have swimming facilities right on campus for students, faculty, alumni, and sometimes even the local community to enjoy. If swimming is a part of your life or even just a favorite hobby, you’ll definitely want to consider these schools with the coolest pools and swimming facilities. University of …
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Best Colleges for Students Interested in Dinosaurs (Paleontology)

Following a career studying dinosaurs isn’t exactly easy, but it can be extremely rewarding if it is your passion. An undergraduate degree is only scratching the surface but your path to becoming a paleontologist definitely starts there. It’s important to note that paleontology isn’t simply about dinosaurs; it includes everything in the history of the …
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5 Colleges with Touching Thanksgiving Traditions

Most students travel home for Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean college campuses are completely devoid of the heart-warming Thanksgiving spirit! Here are 5 colleges with feel-good Thanksgiving traditions. Smith College: Thanksgiving Day Match-Up Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday meant to celebrate family and friends. The students and faculty at Smith College go a step …
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3 Colleges with the Unique Campuses

When you’re searching for your future college, you’re absolutely paying attention to the academic side: your major, the programs, the teachers. However, are you also looking at the campus? After all, while it may be a perfect school for you academically, you may hate its campus or life at the college. Something different may be …