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Northeastern University building behind the trees.

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One of the hardest things about college is knowing that you’re going to need a job once you graduate. The job market isn’t the most promising right now: Colleges know this, and they try to help as best they can. Job fairs, alumni networking, internship opportunities-–all these help you to find employment in your field post-graduation. Here’s a short list of schools that have been helping students find their careers in recent years.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology—Terre Haute, Indiana

Rose-Hulman’s Fall Career Fair has been mentioned in both the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post. Employers meet with students interested in full-time work, co-ops, and summer internship opportunities. The school also hosts Winter and Spring Career Fairs. In addition to the career fairs, Rose-Hulman has year-round career service help for current students and alumni.

Barnard College—New York City, New York

Barnard hosts career fairs every semester, which are open to undergraduates from Barnard College, Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, and School of General Studies. The school also hosts a Tech Conference and Career Fair for students interested specifically in the technology sector. Barnard has a well-organized Career Development center: internship opportunities, job options, senior career guidance, a virtual library – the school even lends out suits through its Suitable Suits program. This is a school that wants to get you on your career path right out the gate, and they are going to help any way they can.

Blue Mountain College—Blue Mountain, Mississippi

The faculty and staff at Blue Mountain College want to equip their students with the best tools available. While the school does not appear to host career fairs (at least, not that I could find), they do have office hours available year-round, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm, in their Career Services office. Students are encouraged to schedule meetings to go over career goals, interviewing skills, resume building, even to help decide what your best major might be. If you can’t make office hours for whatever reason, the school has compiled a great online directory to assist you as you continue your job search.

Northeastern University—Boston, Massachusetts

Northeastern has career fairs in both the Fall and Spring semesters. They emphasize correct etiquette and dress for the fairs and interviews. There are also workshops on writing resumes and cover letters, salary negotiation (not a common topic), and other job search advice. Northeastern also has an On-Campus Recruiting program, where companies seek out graduating students to hire. Typically, these employers are in the business, computer science, and engineering fields, but they are willing to look at promising students of any major so long as they have the correct mentality and skill set.

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