Benefits of Using Career Services

Colleges have plenty of resources that students barely take advantage of simply because they don’t know they even exist! Parents: one example of this is your young adult’s career services center at their college or university. They offer amazing benefits and resources including networking, career exploration, and job search preparation.

1. Networking

The professionals at career services can help your young adult create connections that assist both with their college experience and with entering the workforce. They can also provide recommendations in specific fields on who to contact, good companies to work for, and create long lasting contacts within the school itself.

The importance of networking can’t be understated, and a college career services department can help your child make sure they’re already taking advantage of the network available to them while still in school.

2. Career Exploration

Has your child decided on a major, but not sure what career would be best for them? Or maybe they’re clear on the career, but are unsure which major would best suit their needs? Or could they be in the boat where they’re completely unsure?

Career services can help them explore majors, careers, and education required to enter those careers. The department can work with your child to go through their options as well as their goals, discuss expected salary, job projections, and more. They can also connect your student with companies – this could result in shadowing opportunities or even an internship!

3. Job Search Preparation

 One of the best benefits of career services is the job search preparation and assistance they offer. Many students entering college know little about crafting a well-written resume, completing an interview, or how to even find jobs outside of job boards.

Career services can help your child with all three of these things as they’re getting ready to graduate. When it comes to resumes, they help students highlight their strengths and achievements in an easy-to-read format. For job interviews, the career services professionals hold mock interviews. This allows students to get more comfortable, practice answering questions, and relieve anxieties they might have about the process. And the department will help your child uncover how to make the most of job boards and other resources available for them during their career search.

College isn’t all about the classes on your child’s schedule. Community colleges, four-year schools, and universities all offer the benefits of using career services and similar resources to their students. Make sure you talk to your child about taking advantage of career services before they head off to their first semester!

Is your child unsure about job outlooks, salary averages, or even what major or career to pursue? College Raptor has a Career Finder tool. This allows you see expected salary and field growth, required education, and other facts about the job and related industry. We also offer a college major search tool that can breaks down what the major is all about, what type of degree it relates to, and the top majors for that field.


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