Should You Base Your Final College Choice on Greek Life?

Greek life

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Are you thinking about joining a fraternity or sorority while you’re in college? Greek life might weigh heavily on you when it comes to choosing a college, but there are a few things you should be considering before you let it affect your final decision.

Is it Important To You?

There’s no denying it: Greek life isn’t for everyone. It can be tough and demanding, especially during the pledging phase. You will be told to attend mandatory meetings and it can easily create a full calendar. If you value your free time, even after you finishing pledging, you may want to reconsider your interest in joining a fraternity or sorority. This can be a problem if you were hoping to take part in a sport, join a club, or get a part-time job.

If you’re looking for an absolutely full social calendar though, Greek life may be the perfect fit for you. There are benefits and it can a great thing to be a part of if you are an extrovert.

Do Your Research

Do research into the organizations on your campus. Does the organization charge fees? How is their reputation? Does it actually fit in with your desired schedule? If you want to join a fraternity or sorority, they should fit what you’re looking for in a group and your personality.

However, almost all colleges have Greek life on campus. There may not be a huge difference between the organizations between the schools. Research is an important step.

There are Benefits

There are actually plenty of benefits when it comes to Greek life. If your school’s dorm rooms aren’t the best, your fraternity or sorority may offer you other and better options. Common space within the home can be attractive, along with the social and academic support that can be provided from the closeness of the organization.

It also can provide huge pluses for your future. Greek life gives you the opportunity to network and make valuable connections while still at college, take part in activities or roles that look great on your resume, and participate in volunteer or charity work.

Don’t Let Greek Life Be a Major Deciding Factor

While Greek life may be super important to you, you shouldn’t let it majorly affect your decision in a school. As stated earlier, most colleges have Greek life opportunities and several options when it comes to which you can join. There are other factors, like campus, education, degree, professors, and town, that should come into play and be weighed more heavily than Greek life organizations.

In the end, basing your choice on Greek life really comes down to you and your needs in a college. However, don’t let it be the final decision when choosing a school. You want to be happy in the fraternity or sorority of course, but you also want to be happy overall with the school in the end. Think about your personality, your wants, and the options for organizations and consider just how important it is to you to your college experience.

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