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How to Get Involved with Your Community and Earn Scholarship Application Kudos

Community service not only helps your community, but it helps you too. Scholarship sponsors look forward to rewarding students who are active in their communities in any capacity. Their main goal is to offer financial support to students who are active in their communities and schools. These students are more likely to come back to …
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Scholarship Tip: Get to Know the Sponsor

Scholarships are a large part of the college search; students often choose colleges that offer them large amounts of scholarship money. Sometimes, scholarships amounts are large enough to fund a student’s entire tuition.  You are sure to have come across many tips and tricks for winning scholarships, but  students tend to overlook one of the …
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Boost Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship By Volunteering

Organizations award scholarships based on varied criteria, ranging from the most straightforward criteria such as academic excellence, to the most unusual criteria such as the ability to speak Klingon or making the most creative PBJ sandwich. But one criterion that is common in almost all scholarships is community involvement in the form of volunteering. Volunteering …
Slowly build up your scholarship awards. Apply to scholarships regularly
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Why You Should Apply to Scholarships Regularly

Scholarships are, without a doubt, the ideal way to pay for college. Even with all the hype they get, however, there’s still a few misconceptions that surround scholarships. Some think that scholarships are only for graduating high school seniors (they’re not), some think you only apply for scholarships the summer before school (nope), and other …