How to Take the Stress Out of the Scholarship Search

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During your senior year of high school, you’re already under a ton of stress. Between classes and college applications and maybe even a job, you have a lot going on. Add on the scholarship search and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are ways to take the stress out of the scholarship search. Try these tips!

Make the Scholarship Search Easier

Searching for scholarships may sound difficult, but with the right resources, it’s quite easy. Databases are a great place to start, for example. They will help ensure you’re only looking at scholarships you are likely to qualify for. Using these online websites you can create an account and complete your profile with intended major, high school grades, location, interests and more to narrow your search.

The online scholarship database will then give you a list of scholarship that meets your profile. You’ll be able to find both competitive awards and more obscure ones that very few may qualify for. Generally, the database will only return scholarships it thinks you can apply to, but you’ll want to read over the requirements to double check that you are able to complete the application.

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Ask for Help

Another way to take the stress out of the scholarship search is to ask for help! Your high school counselor is a great place to turn. They will often know of local or regional scholarships that may not always be found online.

When you have a chance, set up a meeting with your counselor. They can give you access to the paperwork you need to apply to these specific awards. You can also ask them (or someone else you trust) to review any essays you have to write for scholarships.

Create a Schedule For Your Scholarship Search

You already have a schedule for studying for the ACT or SAT and applying for colleges. It makes sense to create a schedule for scholarship searching as well. This will help keep you from getting overwhelmed.

First, concentrate on the search itself. Set aside a few hours on a specific day of the week to dedicate to searching for scholarships. Make a list of awards you qualify for and can apply to. Pick another day that week to spend on the applications themselves.

Turn College Scholarships In Well Before the Deadlines

Another way to keep the stress at bay is to note the deadlines during your scholarship search. Turning in your applications well ahead of time will help you avoid any last minute disasters. If you send in your work just before it’s due, you could easily run into problems from your computer, the scholarship’s website, your internet, or something else.

It’s best to get it done well ahead of time and out of your hair!

The scholarship search doesn’t have to be draining! With the right plan, you can easily work it into your schedule even with classes and other responsibilities. Using databases and asking for assistance can also help keep you organized and make the search much less difficult.

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