Can Legal Guardians Take Out PLUS Loans?

Overlay text "Plus Loans" against sky blue background with blue and violet stars.As their name would suggest, most student loans fall to the responsibility of the student themselves. However, there is one loan that revolves around the parents—PLUS loans. PLUS, in fact, stands for Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students and differs a little from other federal loans. It takes into consideration a family’s credit history, and is more parent-centric than the Stafford or Perkins loans.

But can a non-parent take out a PLUS loan? What if a student’s legal guardian is an aunt, uncle, or grandparent? What if they aren’t a blood relative?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Stepparents can apply for a PLUS loan—so long as they are currently married to the custodial parent—but other forms of non-parental legal guardians are not eligible.

However there are other options besides the PLUS loan to explore. After scholarships, grants, and work studies have been exhausted, be sure to check out the other federal loan opportunities.

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