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How Volunteering Increases Your Chances Of Winning A Scholarship

A girl is painting on the wall. scholarship search & applications
Organizations award scholarships based on varied criteria, ranging from the most straightforward criteria such as academic excellence, to the most unusual criteria such as the ability to speak Klingon or making the most creative PBJ sandwich. But one criterion that is common in almost all scholarships is community involvement in the form of volunteering. Volunteering …
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An Underutilized Scholarship Resource: Your High School Counselor

Try talking with your high school counselor about scholarships scholarship search & applications
You’ve scoured the internet, local newspapers and community notice boards in your search for scholarships, but have you thought of getting help from your high school counselor? High school counselors have vast experience with helping students in a variety of ways, from offering advice on how to be better prepared for the upcoming exams to …
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Why You Should Apply to Scholarships Regularly

Slowly build up your scholarship awards. Apply to scholarships regularly scholarship search & applications
Scholarships are, without a doubt, the ideal way to pay for college. Even with all the hype they get, however, there’s still a few misconceptions that surround scholarships. Some think that scholarships are only for graduating high school seniors (they’re not), some think you only apply for scholarships the summer before school (nope), and other …
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How To Network For Scholarship Opportunities: 3 Easy Ideas

Here's how to network so you can find more scholarship opportunities. scholarship search & applications
While the internet is a great resource for researching scholarship opportunities, it is certainly not the only one. There are several scholarships that are not listed online for several reasons. It could be that they are open only to an organization’s employees and their dependents or to members of a local community. The only way …
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How To Conduct A Thorough Scholarship Search

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Is it really worth spending precious time conducting an exhaustive and thorough scholarship search? If that is the question that’s topmost on your mind, consider this: Prioritize your financial aid opportunities! Scholarships are the best way to get free money towards your college education. Unlike loans, you do not have to pay back any money …
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How to Save Time While Searching and Applying for Scholarships

Scholarships are free money, so they're worth applying to. Here's how you can save time searching and applying for scholarships scholarship search & applications
Time is money, they say, and you’ll need to spend plenty of time to earn scholarships. Many students are intimidated by the time commitment that comes with scholarship hunting. After all, you’ve got to balance that with the college search, studying for the ACT or SAT, participating in extracurricular activities, doing regular school assignments, and …
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