Benefits to Submitting Scholarship Applications Early

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One thing you want to do when applying to scholarships is make sure you’re writing down each award’s individual deadlines. Knowing when they’re due will help you stay on track and create a schedule for the coming weeks. However, you shouldn’t let your applications go down to the wire. There are several benefits in submitting scholarship applications ahead of the actual due date.

Helps You Avoid Last Minute Disasters

Waiting until 10 minutes before your scholarship deadline is a good way to have things go wrong. If the internet is down, your power goes out, or the scholarship’s website crashes, you could miss out. Most organizations won’t let you turn it in late either, so your work can be wasted if you wait.

There’s also the possibility that your file will be corrupted in someway and if it’s past the deadline before someone notices, it may be too late to correct. Turning in your application and essay can help you avoid those last minute disasters.

Keeps You On Schedule

Getting your applications out of the way early can absolutely clear up more time for scholarships down the road. You shouldn’t stop your search just because you applied to 5 (or 10) scholarships already. Keeping on the look out for more can come in handy in the future years. And you may only have time to apply to them if you’re actually getting others out of the way.

This is one reason having a scholarship schedule is so important. Making sure you’re turning in your applications in a timely matter will prevent a backup of applications. If you wait too long, you might find yourself having to complete 5 or more applications in one week if deadlines overlap.

Overall, It Lowers Your Stress

Whether you have a lot of scholarships to get through or you want to avoid last minute disasters, there’s no doubt that completing your scholarship applications early will lower your stress levels. Knowing they’re out of the way and completed will help give you peace of mind.

Staying on a schedule also helps you stay positive about application process. If you’re getting overwhelmed it can be easy to fall further behind and even become discouraged with applying. Keeping on top of your scholarship to-dos will help ensure you’re actually completing them, and not giving up halfway through because you’re stressed.

Benefits of Submitting Scholarship Applications Early

Junior and senior years for high school students who are preparing for college can be a stressful time. Between work, college applications, extracurricular activities, SAT/ACT prep, and their actual high school classes, scholarship applications can be another thing piled on. Scheduling your time during these busy years can be a life saver. Take time to research, complete applications, write essays, and turn in your work. Planning ahead, taking your time, and turning in your applications early can help you avoid the stress and potential problems procrastination brings.

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