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Who Can Apply For Scholarships?

Any student can apply for scholarships. When it comes to scholarships, the only requirement is that applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for that particular program. Thousands of organizations offer awards throughout the year. Each of these has its own eligibility criteria. If you take the time to research opportunities, you’re almost certain to find …
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What Are Merit Based Scholarships?

People award merit based scholarships purely based on, as its name suggests, merit. For example, students can win them for their artistic talents, academic accomplishments, community involvement, belonging to a certain ethnicity or religion, and more. Merit scholarships are established by various organizations to reward students who have worked hard to stand out in some …
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How Can I Find Merit Scholarships?

Merit scholarships award students who are accomplished in specific fields such as academics, sports, or an extracurricular activity. Sponsors assess solely on their achievements in a specific field. Not typically taken into consideration is financial status or need. If you’ve achieved a high level of proficiency in any field, think of this as a reward …
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Are There Study Abroad Scholarships?

Studying abroad is an enlightening, exciting experience, one that many college students look forward to. However, the high cost deters many students from even applying to travel abroad. Fortunately, there are several study abroad scholarships that offer full or partial free funding if you meet their requirements. This study abroad scholarship money can cover your …
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One Trick For Finding Scholarships: Ask

Most students spend a lot of time scouring the internet trying to find scholarships. But one thing almost every student overlooks is just asking around locally.  Maybe it sounds too simple to be effective but you’d be surprised at the unexpected. Scholarships you can discover by simply asking. So how do you find scholarships and …