How to Get the Most Scholarship Money

Scholarships can provide much needed money when it comes to paying for your college tuition and other expenses. There are a lot of scholarships out there, for varying amounts ranging anywhere from $100 to full rides. So how can you get the most scholarship money?

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First, Develop a Schedule

To get the most scholarship money for your college education you’re first going to want to develop a schedule. Set time aside for the research to find the actual awards as well as time for completing the applications. Your schedule should note the due date for each application to ensure you’re working efficiently.

Some more tips:

  • Try mixing up research with applications. You don’t want to burn yourself out doing too much research or completing too many applications at once.
  • Applying to more scholarships (that you qualify for) gives you the highest chance of winning the most money. You should aim for at least 10 scholarships a month if you’d like to win the most possible.
  • Don’t skip the small awards! They add up and usually have less competition than the larger ones.
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Sign Up for Databases

Scholarship databases are one of the most time-saving tools you can use when it comes to applying for scholarships. They allow you to input your basic information as well as unique facts about yourself, interests, goals, and achievements. The database will then return with all of the scholarships available on their site that you qualify for. They will also keep you informed of the newest awards to be submitted.

College Raptor’s very own Scholarship Tool is a free database filled with thousands of scholarships. Sign up and see which ones you qualify for!

Don’t Rush

Once you have a list of scholarships to apply for, it’s time to start the application process. However, although you want to apply to as many as you can, you also don’t want to sacrifice quality in the face of quantity. Poorly submitted applications will not net you a win. Instead, you want to ensure you’re giving each application the attention and care it deserves. This includes reading all the directions, submitting a well thought out and proofread essay if one is required, and completing the application to the best of your ability.

To save time, try out these tips:

  • Use scheduling tools and apps that will help you track scholarship applications, deadlines, and other important dates.
  • Keep a document or folder of all information you regularly have to pull up to complete forms (school details, tax returns, achievements, etc).
  • Adjust your schedule as necessary. You may find a rhythm you can get into.

How to Get the Most Scholarship Money

You probably won’t win every scholarship you apply for, but these tips will help ensure you’re on the right path to win as many as you can. While applying to more does give you your best chance, remember: don’t sacrifice quality.

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