Why You Should Write Scholarship Thank You Letters

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Scholarships play a key role in helping students reduce their overall debt while working towards achieving their academic goals. Students understand the importance of scholarships and work hard looking for and applying to opportunities to win some free money. Unfortunately, one thing many award recipients fail to do is write a scholarship thank you letter to their benefactor. With so much going on, it’s just something that doesn’t cross their mind.

So why write a scholarship thank you letter? Does anybody even read them? You’d be surprised to know they do.

A Scholarship Thank You Letter Shows Appreciation

A scholarship is a gift. Sure, you may have worked to earn it but it is still a gift. Unlike a loan, you do not have to pay interest or return the money. It’s yours to keep. And as with receiving any other gift, it’s common courtesy to say thank you and it’s easy to see that how it would be appreciated by the donors or organizations sponsoring this form of aid. A thank you letter lets them know their hard work and efforts are appreciated.

A properly written scholarship thank-you letter does more than just show your appreciation for the assistance you are receiving. A letter that highlights your educational and career goals also gives your benefactors the satisfaction of knowing how their scholarship is helping their recipient achieve their dreams and goals through education.

The Benefits of a Simple Thank You

The power of networking is not to be underestimated. With a thank you letter, you show your appreciation for their scholarship, and can earn goodwill kudos. In the future, you may be able to use them as references or, if a company, a potential employer. There are no downsides to sending a thank you note—even if it’s just a quick email.

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