How To Write A Thank You Letter For A Scholarship

Scholarships can be a game changer for your college career. They can significantly reduce the amount of student loans you’ll need to take out, making the transition to post-grad life much easier on your finances. Knowing how to write a thank you letter for a scholarship is key!

Scholarships come from all different organizations and can vary in reward amounts but one thing is for certain – when you win a scholarship, you should always write a thank you letter. A formal letter can easily show your appreciation and takes minimal time, especially when you know how to write a good thank you letter for a scholarship.

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Thank You Letter Outline

Dear (coordinator or organization name), 

I am honored to be selected as the recipient of the _____ scholarship. The generous support from this organization will help me further my education at _____. 

I am majoring in _____ and plan on using my degree to _____. I currently work/volunteer at _____ where I can enhance my skills for my future career.  

(Use this paragraph to share your academic and career goals for the future. Mention any relevant jobs or volunteer experiences you have.) 

Your investment allows me to stay focused on my goals and limit my work hours to study more. I am grateful for (organization’s name)’s contribution toward my education and future career. 


Your Name

Tips for Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter

    • Show your personality. It’s likely that your personality and writing skills is what caught the attention of your scholarship donors. Add details about your personal life to your letter; be sure to not overshare by including irrelevant details so you can stay professional. 
    • Share your goals. We know your future is important to your scholarship donors because they chose to invest in you. If you have specific career or life goals, briefly share them in your letter to show them they’re making a good investment. This will also show them how important your future is to you too.
    • Keep it simple. You’ve already received the award so there’s no need to be overzealous when showing gratitude. Keep your letter simple and to the point so you’re not wasting their time or yours. 


Being awarded with a scholarship of any amount is very exciting and definitely worth celebrating. Showing intentional gratitude to your donors will help them see their impact on college students and make them more inclined to keep a scholarship fund going. 

Knowing how to write a thank you letter for a scholarship is easy to do when you know exactly what to include or not include. Using this letter outline will help you keep a professional yet thankful tone and it’s easy to add your personal touch to it. In just a few minutes, you can display your appreciation for a reward that often has a life-changing impact.

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