Why You Should Send Thank You Notes During The College App Process

Don't forget to send some thank you notes

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Applying to college is not a solitary endeavor. Although you will be the main person putting everything together, the process inevitably several other people—a mentor who writes your recommendation letters, the counselor who advises you regarding various courses and colleges, the college admissions team who conduct your interviews, a professor you meet while visiting, and teachers who may have taught you a particular subject.

It is always good to thank people who have helped you in your journey, especially when they go out of the way to do so.

Is It Necessary To Send Thank You Notes?

While you will never be rejected just because you didn’t send a thank you note, it still can help by giving your profile a personal touch. In situations where you have spent time with the person personally and managed to create an impression, it helps to further cement your place in the person’s mind. It also shows that you are someone who is polite, courteous, and empathetic. Any kudos points are worth going for.

What Kind Of Notes Should I Send?

Some people prefer sending kind emails, others go a more traditional route with a hand-written note or card. For people you met in the college you’re applying to, a courteous and well-written email will work just fine. For teachers and mentors in your personal life, a more personal touch can be appreciated.

Either way, thank them for their time, effort, and consideration in helping you towards your goal of higher education. It doesn’t matter how you do so, whether you want to send an email or give them a card. Sending a thank you note shows that you appreciated them. It’s the thought that counts.

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