How to Choose the Best Teacher for a Letter of Recommendation

Here's how you can pick the best teacher to write you a letter of recommendation

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Some scholarships or college applications will require you to submit a letter of recommendation—or even three! These letters, written by the best teachers, faculty, or adult leaders in your community, are a way to show the college/scholarship sponsor just who you are as a student.

But how do you pick which teacher you should ask? Should you ask your favorite teacher or the one whose class you got the best grade in? Read on to learn how you can discover who should write your letter of recommendation.

Who Knows You Best?

Maybe you’ve had a teacher for multiple years, maybe one teaches English and coaches your basketball team, maybe you’ve got a band director that you see multiple times daily for lessons, class, rehearsal, and shows. Teachers that know you well are ideal for writing letters of recommendation, because they have a more complete picture of who you are as a student and a person.

Don’t Just Play Favorites

It may be that your favorite teacher is the wrong person to write you a letter. You may have really liked a specific teacher, but done poorly in their class, after all. Or maybe you’ve only ever had that one class with them, and they don’t really know you beyond that classroom. Either way, look beyond favoritism to a teacher who has challenged you or whose class you worked really hard in.

The Best Teacher for You May Teach Your Favorite Subjects

It can be beneficial to choose someone who teaches a subject you’re planning on majoring in. For example, if you’re interested in becoming a Biology Major, you might want to consider asking your bio teacher for a letter. Their words might have a bit more influence than, say, your government teacher.

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