Things Your High School Counselor Can Do For You

Your high school counselor can actually help you

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Every high school student has at least one, but when is the last time you visited your guidance counselor? Many students don’t take full advantage of all the benefits the office has to offer. Here are just three things you counselor can do for you, freshman year to senior.

Academic Assistance from Your Counselor

Most students visit their guidance counselor to plan their next year’s schedules at least once a year. They help ensure you’re taking the proper courses and the ones that will help you graduate on time. If there is a problem with your schedule, they’re the ones to fix it. They can also suggest classes that may interest you or feel match your skill level in a particular subject.

In addition to this yearly meeting however, if you’re struggling in a particular class and need support, they can help as well as your teacher. They can sit down with your instructor or just help you learn better study habits, depending on your needs and particular problems within the class.

Planning for College Assistance

In addition to things going on in high school and at home, the guidance counselor office can help you plan for your future, college in particular. Especially in your junior and senior years, your high school counselors can direct you to classes depending on your intended major or your school counselor can help you find your dream school. They know which courses colleges and universities are looking for, and can get you the assistance you need if you need help in one of those classes. Beyond the schedule, they can also suggest extracurricular activities or volunteer opportunities that will look amazing on your college application.

As it comes time to start applying for colleges, your counselor can supply you with schools and scholarships that fit your needs, career goals, and academic record. For the application itself, the counselor can be a huge help. They can advise you on the essay, wording of your application, and even financial aid options. Although it will be four years before you graduate college, they can also provide outlooks on your potential future career and may be able to connect you with the proper people to arrange a job shadowing appointment.

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Personal Assistance

Life happens, some good, some bad. When things aren’t going well, your guidance counselor can be a great person to talk to. It can be about bullying in the school, problems at home, mental health issues, or something else going on in your life.

One on one appointments with your guidance counselor can help you get life issues off your chest while receiving valuable advice and suggestions.

Your guidance counselor in high school is there for more than your schedule planning from freshman to senior year! Make sure you’re taking advantage of all the advice and help your high school counselor can provide you, for the present and your future. When it’s time to start thinking about college, schedule a meeting with them so they can assist you in getting started for your continuing education beyond high school.

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