How Often Should You Visit Your High School Counselor?

High school guidance counselors are an amazing resource when it comes to college prep. They can assist with class scheduling, college search, give you info on college fairs, and more. So how often should you check in with your high school guidance counselor?

Once a semester for scheduling

Even if you’re super sure you’ve selected the classes you need or want for a semester, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion and have a brief visit with your counselor. They can help double-check logistics, ensure you’re on track for graduation and give you pointers about putting some academic rigor in your schedule.

A high school guidance counselor can even help you set up special circumstances for classes you really need to take if your schedule’s full. They might arrange for you to take a mandatory class online, or allow you to skip out on PE if you have other requirements to fulfill.

When you need college prep help

How often you should go in for a chat with your counselor depends greatly on what prep help you need, and what your college goals are. Students unsure of where they want to apply, or students applying EA/ED might visit more frequently than those who already have things planned out.

All the same, counselors are ideal people to review your application and offer feedback—just keep in mind they have other students to help as well, so give them time.

Visits Should Increase with Grade Levels

As you climb the ranks of freshman, sophomore, junior, and up to senior, you should visit your counselor more frequently. Even if it’s just a quick check-up to see where you’re at, it can be helpful. Counselors can help remind you of certain deadlines.

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