When Should I Visit My High School Counselor?

Putting together a college application is a long, complex process. There are several elements that you have to work on simultaneously to create a strong application that will impress the college admissions authorities. During the process, you are sure to have questions or need some advice or guidance. The best person to go to when you need help with your college application is your high school guidance counselor.

Counselors are a Great Resource

High school counselors help students with their college applications every year and they are experts in this area. They can help you understand how to proceed or what to do for your unique circumstances.

While you can go to your high school guidance counselor for advice at any time, it is especially important to meet up during these times:

When to Visit Your Counselor

  • You’ve hit a new milestone in your college prep and are not sure what to do next
  • You want to change your current high school schedule to one that is more attractive to colleges
  • Need another pair of eyes to go over your transcript details or make sure that you are on track for graduation
  • You have added a new college to list and would like a second opinion on your choice
  • You have some questions about the college applications

Your high school counselor is there to help and guide you through this challenging process and you should take their help and guidance instead of trying to work on your college application on your own.

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