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Scholarships are free money, so they're worth applying to. Here's how you can save time searching and applying for scholarships
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How to Save Time While Searching and Applying for Scholarships

Time is money, they say, and you’ll need to spend plenty of time to earn scholarships. Many students are intimidated by the time commitment that comes with scholarship hunting. After all, you’ve got to balance that with the college search, studying for the ACT or SAT, participating in extracurricular activities, doing regular school assignments, and …
Like planning a trip, an outline can help you map out your essay before you start.
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How To Outline Your Scholarship App Essay

Once you’ve found a scholarship you’d like to apply to, it’s time to sit down and crank out your college application essay. But where do you start? How do you start? It’s simple: Outline your scholarship application essay. An Important First Step Assuming you’ve selected your essay topic, outlining should be the very first thing …
Some students don't look into scholarships and financial aid because they think they don't qualify.
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Myth: Scholarships Are Only For Students with Financial Need

Some students don’t look into applying for scholarships and financial aid, assuming that since they aren’t considered impoverished, that they won’t be eligible. While there are scholarship opportunities that are dependent on a family’s financial need, there are also scholarship opportunities for anyone. Merit Scholarships Merit-based scholarships focus more on accomplishments, activities, demographics, and other …