An Underutilized Scholarship Resource: Your High School Counselor

Try talking with your high school counselor about scholarships

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You’ve scoured the internet, local newspapers and community notice boards in your search for scholarships, but have you thought of getting help from your high school counselor? High school counselors have vast experience with helping students in a variety of ways, from offering advice on how to be better prepared for the upcoming exams to finding and applying for scholarship opportunities. Take some time and make an appointment to see your high school counselor!

Here are a few ways that your high school counselor can be one of your most valuable resources when it comes to scholarships:

Your Counselor Can Help You Find Scholarships

They can help you find opportunities that you are eligible for and which you may not have known about otherwise. High school counselors get to know about unexpected scholarship opportunities from other students who have come to them for help.

They can help you brainstorm ideas for your scholarship essays and even proofread your essays before you submit them. Having a second pair of eyes to review your essay is a huge help. They can help really improve your essay and your chances of winning.

If you have a great rapport with your school counselor, they may be a great person to write your recommendation letter. A lot of scholarships ask for letter of recommendations, so having someone who can do that for you is great.


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They Can Also Answer Other Questions

Need help understanding and answering tricky scholarship questions? Your high school counselor may be the best person to turn to for help. Even if they do not know the answer, they can put you on to somebody who does. High school counselors have a lot of connections, which means that they can help find someone who knows exactly what you’re asking about.

Need help prepping for your upcoming scholarship interview? Your high school counselor has gone through this routine several times before with other students. They can help set up a mock interview that simulates the real thing. Most important of all, they will give you feedback that will help you improve your interviewing skills.

Don’t Overlook Your Counselors

When making your list of scholarship resources, don’t forget to add your high school counselor to that list. Of course, in addition to scholarships counselors can help with a bevy of college prep stuff—like your college search, application process, and class schedule. Be sure to check in with your counselor regularly. Scholarship opportunities pop up year-round, so your high school counselor potentially has something for you at any point in the year. Don’t be afraid to pop in and say hi, or to make an appointment to sit down and talk. Your high school counselor is there to help you.

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