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Allison is the Editor & Content Manager of College Raptor. In addition to writing and editing posts, she also works on marketing and special projects. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in English: Creative Writing.

Improve Your ACT and SAT Scores with Method Test Prep

method test prep ACT & SAT
It goes without saying that the ACT and SAT are a pretty big deal in the college world. It’s more than just another benchmark. Your ACT and SAT scores can affect your acceptance odds, qualify you for scholarships, and even open up the doors into honors programs. With all that on the line, it pays …
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Education Dept. Plans to Reform Student Loan Repayment System Fall Through

The Education Department's reform federal student loan system fell through student loans
12/19/2018 Nobody said that the government, federal student loans, student debt, and repayment plans were simple concepts. They interweave in often frustratingly complicated ways. More often than not, loans leave borrowers scratching their heads. When it comes time to their student loans, people are often confused and do not know how to even start repaying. …
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17 Holiday Gifts Perfect for College Students

fun gifts for college students student life
‘Tis the gift-giving season! Looking for fun gifts for college students in your life? We’ve combed through Amazon and found these great presents—whether practical, fun, or both! Books The Naked Roommate This #1 best seller by Harlan Cohen offers practical (and comedic) advice about a host of challenges students will face. From the titular roommate, …
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Colleges Used as Filming Locations for Horror Movies

The Exorcist Stairs at Georgetown University student life
Nothing says Halloween quite like a scary movie. Real college campuses have been used as filming locations for decades, and are featured in some of the most famous (and terrifying) horror films of all time! So pop some popcorn, grab that Halloween candy, and turn off the lights. Here’s a list of colleges used as …
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How to Study for Your Second ACT / SAT Test

Student studies for her second ACT test ACT & SAT
Many students who retake the ACT or SAT earn a higher score the second time around. It’s a fantastic way to boost your acceptance odds and qualify for more scholarships, so you should seriously consider taking the ACT / SAT more than once. But how should you study for the second test? Should you change …
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Clever (and Cheap) Halloween Costumes for College Students

Cereal killer student life
When it comes to Halloween, college students are often just as excited as little kids. On campuses around the country students will dress up and head out to parties or school-sponsored events. In honor of the fun holiday, here are some clever, and most importantly affordable, last-minute DIY Halloween costumes! Smart Cookie High school grad …
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How to Release a Student Loan Co-Signer

Pens and pencils a co-signer might use student loans
When it comes to getting student loans, most young borrowers will need a co-signer in order to qualify for a loan. Co-signers, in essence, are responsible for paying back a loan if the borrower is somehow unable to. This can hurt the co-signer’s personal finances and credit score if things go badly. So is it …
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What Makes a Good College Fit?

College student walking on campus questions & answers
One phrase you’ll see a lot of while searching for colleges is “good fit.” For example: “You want a school that’s a good fit for you.” “A good fit is more important than a brand name school.” But what exactly makes a “good fit?” What should you be looking for? Academic Match College is first …
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