New All-in-One Scholarship Search Tool Makes Finding Gift Aid Simple


Iowa City, Iowa

College Raptor® releases a comprehensive scholarship tool that finds qualifying institutional, government, and private scholarships for students. 

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College Raptor’s New Scholarship Search Tool

Scholarships and college go hand-in-hand. However, finding scholarships you qualify for isn’t so simple. Most scholarship search sites only focus on private awards, ignoring institutional and government grant opportunities. However, private scholarships only make up about 13% of all awards available; meaning students using scholarship search sites aren’t finding 87% of the gift aid they may qualify for. 

Enter College Raptor’s new Scholarship Search Tool. Its easy-to-use tool is quick and comprehensive. Enter some basic academic information and discover scholarships and grants from universities, the government, and private sponsors. 

“Raptor’s goal is to help students and families find great colleges they can afford. Scholarships and grants play an important role in filling the gaps of college cost,” says Bill Staib, CEO and co-founder of College Raptor. “Our Scholarship Search Tool takes the frustration out of looking for awards. It saves students time, focuses on qualifying scholarships, and includes institutional, government, and private awards.”

What do High School Counselors Think?

“Finances are, unfortunately, often a barrier in the way between students and college,” says Richard Solis from Alisal High School in Salinas, CA. “Scholarships are a way to lessen that barrier. And College Raptor’s Scholarship Search Tool makes it that much easier for students to overcome financial hurdles and get the higher education they deserve.”

January Almaguer, a counselor at Horizon Science Academy in Columbus, OH, had this to say: “The college prep process is stressful enough without adding scholarship search on top of it. Luckily, Raptor’s tool takes the stress out of the search and presents students with real opportunities for scholarships.”

About College Raptor, Inc.

College Raptor® leverages artificial intelligence to empower students, parents, counselors, and colleges to make informed college planning and financing decisions. Raptor® is the only college search platform that enables students and families to discover quality, affordable college options based on personalized financial aid estimates, academic match, and campus fit at every four-year college in the country. As a result, students and their families find cost-effective, academically-appropriate college options that prepare them for their lives and careers. For more information about College Raptor, visit

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