Meet College Raptor’s Latest Scholarship Winners!

Iowa City, IA – 6/23/2021

Scholarship Winners Amanda McCard and Summer Hollingsworth

Meet College Raptor’s Latest Scholarship Winners!

Amanda McCard and Summer Hollingsworth are College Raptor’s two latest scholarship winners. Their winning essays detailed the challenges and successes in the college search process. These two students have stories and wisdom to share.

$2,500 Scholarship Winner Amanda McCard!

Connecticut native Amanda McCard found difficulty in selecting colleges due to the pandemic. Without being able to visit in person, Amanda worried over her choices.

“As much as I researched, watched videos and virtual tours, and memorized their statistics by heart, I felt like I was missing out on a vital part of the college search process because I couldn’t experience life at each college firsthand,” Amanda said in her Q&A interview. “College Raptor was helpful with this because by presenting the information so simply, I was reminded to focus on the aspects of the process I could control, like making selections based on the data.”

$1,000 Scholarship Winner Summer Hollingsworth!

Though from Colorado, Summer Hollingsworth chose to attend the University of Washington. However, coming to that decision was far from easy. In fact, Summer had dozens of schools on a list.

“College Raptor helped me by simplifying my college search by stripping it down
to the most important factors. It displayed the tuition and college matches in a way that I
could easily compare them and determine which college decision would truly be the
best. The way College Raptor shows the likelihood of my acceptance is also extremely
helpful. In fact, its predictions were spot-on.

From a harrowing list of dozens of schools, I used College Raptor’s features to
only do the research that I needed to and narrowed down my list drastically. College
Raptor gave the college I ultimately chose.”

College Raptor’s CEO Has a Few Words

“Our mission is to make it easy for families to find great, affordable colleges so students can pursue their dreams. As our two winners learned, the college process has a lot of elements to consider. Therefore, Raptor focuses on providing the best tools to help students succeed. Congratulations to Amanda and Summer.  We look forward to seeing where these promising students go,” says William Staib, CEO and co-founder of College Raptor.

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