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Stop sign - you can prevent student loan default by stopping it before it starts
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How Do I Prevent Student Loan Default?

You know what happens if you default on your student loans—your credit history takes a hit. This can have serious consequences on your future financial prospects. Lenders are reluctant to approve loans to defaulters and even if they do, they will charge you premium interest rates. This is not a scenario that anyone wants to …
Quarter coin - you should complete financial awareness counseling
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What Is Financial Awareness Counseling For Federal Student Loans?

Financial Awareness Counseling is a government service that helps students understand their loan commitments as borrowers. This is done through an online interactive tool called the FACT or Financial Awareness Counseling Tool. Generally, the aim is to help borrowers manage their finances better to prevent potential financial disasters. All students and families who have federal …
Drawn on watch - ever wonder how often you should apply to scholarship programs?
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How Often Should I Apply For Scholarship Programs?

When it comes to paying for college, every little bit counts. And scholarships can help more than just a little bit. So it begs the question: how often should you apply for scholarship programs? The short answer is you should apply for scholarships as often as possible. Consider these two features of scholarships: Scholarships are …