Are There Graduate School Scholarships?

University library with text: are there graduate school scholarships?Are you planning on attending graduate school after you earn your Bachelor’s? You may be wondering about how you’re going to pay for the degree. Student loans are one way, of course, but they shouldn’t be your first option. Believe it or not, there are graduate school scholarships too!

Here’s what you need to know!

Are there Graduate School Scholarships?

Yep! There are plenty of scholarships for graduate school available out there and you should absolutely take advantage of this strategy. You can cut down on student loans and, therefore, potential debt, as you work towards your Master’s. Take the time to apply to these awards.

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How to Apply for Graduate School Scholarships

Your approach to graduate school scholarships should be similar to how you approached the search for other scholarships in high school and throughout your undergraduate years. Here are some keys to the search to remember:

Join Scholarship Databases

Scholarship databases contain many of the graduate school scholarships you can apply to. And like approaches to undergraduate scholarships, you can enter in your field of study, interests, locale, and more so they can give you a detailed list of which awards you qualify for.

Keep an eye on these databases as new scholarships are added all the time, and you may find a new one you qualify for. Some websites will send you an email or notify you in another way if one pops up, so even if you can’t find any ones you can apply for right away, it’s still worth the effort in the long run.

Check Local Organizations

Some local organizations, on both state and regional levels, offer scholarships, even to graduate students. If you’re a part of these groups or simply live in the region, you’ll definitely want to do your research into the requirements for these awards.

Talk with Your School

Many colleges and universities also offer scholarships and grants for their students. This doesn’t change at the graduate level. Talking to your future or current school can make the difference when it comes to money. Ask the financial aid department as well as your department heads about any opportunities that you can apply for. Your advisor may also know of some great opportunities.

More Tips to Finding Scholarships

You’ll definitely want to keep a schedule when it comes to scholarships. Set aside time to research awards, fill out database information, write essays, complete other requirements, and submit your applications. Keeping track of deadlines in a planner can be a lifesaver during this busy time in your life.

And don’t consider any scholarship “too small.” You might find the competition for these awards isn’t as fierce as larger awards, but also every little bit adds up and your bank account will thank you!

Earning your Bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean the end of your scholarship search if you’re planning on going on to graduate school! These tips can definitely help you find awards that can go towards your Master’s degree and cut down on the amount of student loans you’ll need. And even if you don’t need to take out student loans, don’t skip this step! It could absolutely save you money if you win even one of the awards you apply for.



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