Is It Too Late to File the FAFSA?

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Deadlines can be stressful, more so when you are juggling multiple. High school seniors come up against numerous deadlines: papers, scholarships, and college apps. One of the most important is the FAFSA deadline. You miss this one, and you’re missing out on all types of financial aid that can help lower the cost of college.

The FAFSA Deadline

Until October 2016, the FAFSA deadline used to be so firm it was practically set in stone, and it was always the same day: January 1 of whatever year you were intending to apply. This date has changed, however, and students may begin filling out their FAFSA as early as October 1 of the current calendar year. The deadline to complete your application and make sure it has been received is midnight, Central Time, June 30.

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The Importance of the FAFSA

The FAFSA is more than just federal loans. You also need it to qualify for grants, scholarships, work study programs, and other institutional aid. Failing to file the FAFSA means you will forfeit all of these federal funding opportunities so make sure you file your FAFSA ASAP, and complete it prior to June 30.

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