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No GMAT? No Problem! Busting a Common MBA Admissions Myth

Have you stopped short of applying to business school because you were uncertain about taking the GMAT? That’s understandable; preparing for and taking the GMAT is a time-consuming and expensive process. Especially when you consider how many prospective applicants end up taking this entrance exam more than once. But what if you could get into …
Transferring colleges can be stressful. Here are some myths that we can disprove

Myths about Transferring Colleges

Transferring colleges can be a stressful time as you make sure you have everything you need to make the major change. There are a lot of myths surrounding the transfer though, so here are some things you need to know. Myth: My Credits Won’t Transfer  While the myth of “My credits won’t transfer” has some …
We cover a few community college myths below.

Myths About Community Colleges

Community colleges aren’t a top choice for many high school students or college-oriented adults. However, they should be considered as an option more than they are. They have a number of careers and educational benefits and are often undervalued. Here are a few myths that surround community colleges: Community College is Not A Good Choice …
Here are 5 college myths debunked.

Top 5 Myths About College Students Debunked

You weren’t born yesterday: Student life is exciting yet challenging and stressful. You choose a college, decide on loans and personal finance strategies, all while studying, and doing your best to survive assignments and exams. The harder you try, the more it hurts to hear the rumors and myths about college life nowadays. For incoming …
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Myth: Colleges are ONLY Looking for Well-Rounded Students

You’ve probably heard the term “well-rounded student” a thousand times over during your school years. That term may have even inspired you to branch out, to sample a bunch of different extracurriculars or interests in order to appeal to admissions officers. If colleges only look for a well-rounded student, you better get busy rounding yourself …
College in TV shows and movies are a bit different from college in real life. Here are some college facts and myths based on Hollywood's interpretation of college.

4 Myths: College As Seen on TV (and Movies!)

There are countless college scenes in our favorite movies and TV shows. Often the first image conjured up when associating movies and college is a big party with lots of red Solo cups and silly bets or dares. Or maybe some freshman or new frat member hazing ritual. But there is a world of difference …
Don't skip your college classes, including lectures.

College Myth: I Can Totally Skip Lecture Classes

It might be tempting if you have a lecture class of 200 students or more, just to stay home and take a nap, or even catch up on another class’s homework. More often than not, lecture classes don’t take attendance. And you can always get the notes from a friend in class, right? Or just …
Going on campus tours is an integral part of the college search process.

5 Myths about College Campus Tours

Touring a college campus is an integral part of the college selection process–it allows students and parents alike to get a feel for the layout, the atmosphere, and even the culture. But like many other elements of college, campus tours can be subject to myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions. Hopefully, we can clear some of those …
Big name colleges aren't always the right fit for you

Myth: Big Name Colleges are Better for Me than Lesser Known Colleges

It makes sense to think that famous schools must be better because, well, they’re famous! Legendary Ivy Leagues and big name universities might seem like the best option for any student, because if they’re famous they must give a great educational experience, right? And they do, of course, but while the likes of Harvard and …