Myths about Transferring Colleges

Transferring colleges can be stressful. Here are some myths that we can disprove

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Transferring colleges can be a stressful time as you make sure you have everything you need to make the major change. There are a lot of myths surrounding the transfer though, so here are some things you need to know.

Myth: My Credits Won’t Transfer

 While the myth of “My credits won’t transfer” has some truth to it, it is not the whole story. In fact, it depends on the school you originally went to as well as the school you are transferring to. Each will have different requirements regarding what classes and credits will count towards your degree.

In most cases, if you are transferring from a community college to a four year school, the credits will transfer. However, before choosing your next school, whether you first attended a community college or not, it’s important to do research into the transferring process. Departments at both colleges can help you determine what credits will be accepted. In some cases, classes that don’t count towards your degree may count as elective classes.

To avoid your credits not transferring, it’s extremely important to plan ahead and choose your next school carefully, after plenty of research. This is one myth you can definitely avoid.

Myth: My Grades Don’t Matter if I’m Transferring Colleges

Some students believe that after they’ve made the decision to transfer, their grades won’t matter as much. This is especially so if they’ve already been accepted to their new school. This is far from the truth however. In most cases, the new college or university will request a minimum GPA before the transfer goes through. Your previous year’s grades could affect that.

It’s also important to note that a bad grade is one of the aspects that could affect a credit’s ability to transfer. If a student received a C- in a general education or major requirement, they may need to retake the course at their new school.

Myth: I Definitely Won’t Graduate on Time 

 All students worry about graduating on time, especially with the expense each college semester brings. This is especially true when it comes to students who are hoping to transfer and are wondering what credits will transfer. However, as with transferring your credits, making sure you graduate on time does require some planning ahead.

Graduating in four years greatly relies on ensuring all or a majority of your credits will transfer to your chosen school. Knowing what your next college will be ahead of time can truly help ensure that your credits will transfer. You will also want to look into articulation agreements if you are currently attending a community college and not quite sure where you want to attend next. They are predetermined agreements between community colleges and local public schools regarding which credits are transferable.

Transferring to a new school can be a stressful yet exciting time. Making sure the whole process and the next two years goes smoothly however will require a bit of planning. It’s not a decision to make lightly! It’s important to do your research into the entire process before making the leap.

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