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Going on campus tours is an integral part of the college search process.

5 Myths about College Campus Tours

Touring a college campus is an integral part of the college selection process–it allows students and parents alike to get a feel for the layout, the atmosphere, and even the culture. But like many other elements of college, campus tours can be subject to myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions. Hopefully, we can clear some of those …
Big name colleges aren't always the right fit for you

Myth: Big Name Colleges are Better for Me than Lesser Known Colleges

It makes sense to think that famous schools must be better because, well, they’re famous! Legendary Ivy Leagues and big name universities might seem like the best option for any student, because if they’re famous they must give a great educational experience, right? And they do, of course, but while the likes of Harvard and …
A larger college does not automatically mean more diversity on campus.

Myth: Bigger Colleges Have More Diversity

A city with a high population must have a lot of different groups and types of people. It is understandable we want to apply the same principle to universities. The bigger the campus, the more diversity it has, right? But studies have proved wrong what we’ve been believing for years now. Diversity on campus works …
How is college different from high school?

Myth: Everything in College is Different than High School

There’s no doubt about it, the transition from high school to college is a big step. Graduating high school seniors hear all sorts of things about what to expect during their freshman year of college. Unfortunately, a lot of those things can be both intimidating and not entirely true. Here are a few myths that …
Here are some study abroad myths.

College Myths: Study Abroad Edition

Studying abroad is an experience many students wish for. This can a very meaningful and inspirational opportunity for students to partake in. However, there are many study abroad myths. We are here to set the record straight.  Myth #1: I can’t afford to study abroad Studying abroad can be less than, equal, or more than …
It's a myth that colleges only look for certain types of students.

College Myth: Colleges Are Only Looking for One Type of Student

A common misconception is that colleges only accept certain types of students. Similarly, some students convince themselves that individual colleges prefer students with very particular skill sets. In reality, colleges seek to build diverse and interesting classes. Part of higher education is familiarizing yourself with the world at large. This involves getting to know people …
A private college could fit you more than an in-state college

Myth: In-State Colleges Are More Affordable

Many college students–convinced that state colleges are cheaper–make the mistake of limiting their college search to in-state public colleges. For some students, an in-state public university may be the best choice. But, others risk attending a college that’s not a great fit by limiting their options without knowing the real cost of all their options. Are …
You can reach out to a college whenever you want!

College Myth: I Shouldn’t Reach out to a College Until I’m Ready to Apply

Many students assume they’ll reach out to a college during the application process, but this shouldn’t necessarily be the case. In fact, contacting a college before you apply can have advantages. Contacting a college before applying could actually improve your admissions chances Reaching out to a college as a prospective student shows you’re actively interested. …