Myths About Community Colleges

Community colleges aren’t a top choice for many high school students or college-oriented adults. However, they should be considered as an option more than they are. They have a number of careers and educational benefits and are often undervalued. Here are a few myths that surround community colleges:

Community College is Not A Good Choice For Students With High Grades

Many people believe that a community college is only for people who didn’t do well in school or don’t have high ambitions. In fact, neither of these thoughts are entirely true.

Yes, community college is an excellent option for students who weren’t accepted to other colleges. However, they are not the only students who attend. Many actually attend for financial reasons. Community college allows students to obtain their education while saving thousands of dollars. After two years, many often apply to four-year colleges. It also gives students time to improve their grades or decide more firmly on a major before earning their Bachelor’s.

In addition to this, a number of students who are accepted into top schools, like UC Berkeley or the University of Virginia, attended community colleges for their first two years.

Community College Classes Are Easy

Often times, students head to community colleges believing that the courses will be extremely easy, which is not the case. In fact, classes can be just as difficult as four-year colleges. Many students make the mistake of approaching them the same way they did in high school. It’s important to take each course seriously by studying, attending class, and completing homework while maintaining a college mindset even in a community college.

Community College Credits Won’t Transfer

While transferring credits can be difficult, there is only partial truth to the idea that community college credits won’t transfer. In most cases, the credits will transfer. However, it depends on the school you are planning to go to for your Bachelor’s. In a majority of cases, public schools will accept the credits while private colleges may have more restrictions.

It’s important to do your research before you attend community college and your school of choice. The process can also belong, so you will want to know exactly how to submit the needed information.

Community Colleges Have No Student Life

A number of students believe that attending community college is going to class and going home, but this is not true at all. In fact, many community colleges host art, fun, and even sports programs. If you’re interested in taking part in a club, activity, or student government, it’s important to visit your school’s website or boards on campus. The information regarding groups you can join will almost always be readily available.

Community colleges are a great option for a number of students but are often overlooked because of these and a number of other myths. If you’re considering the benefits of attending one, make sure to speak to your high school adviser to see if it is a good selection for your continued education.

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