Handshake Platform: The New “LinkedIn” for Students

Finding full-time positions after you graduate from college is easier said than done. Ask loads of college students that have graduated in the last few years. There are so many job boards and listing sites with open positions, but it can be so confusing to keep up with them all. You have to sign up for an account and then you’ll usually receive all these junk emails that aren’t that helpful or you never hear back from employers. All of a sudden, your inbox is full of everything except replies about the jobs you’ve applied for and you feel defeated. Enter, the Handshake Platform.

It can be difficult to find a job if you haven’t done any internships throughout college or don’t have the network connections you need to get your foot in the door for some workplaces. But do not fret! Handshake is the newest job platform for students to find a job after graduation and help build careers. Specifically designed for college students with little to no employment history, you can discover jobs and find career interests all on the same platform.

What is the Handshake Platform?

The Handshake career platform was created less than 10 years ago by Garrett Lord, who recognized the difficulty of finding a job for recent graduates when he was only a junior in college himself. Handshake is a platform used by employers and students to find the perfect match for open positions. They provide career services to help you further your career path and land a job after you apply.

Handshake recruiters work hard to provide students with the opportunity to apply for jobs that match their skillset and give employers recent graduates that fit the role of their open positions! It’s a win-win situation for everyone. It’s for every student’s benefit and is made to only help them. There’s no harm in signing up!

How to Sign Up for Handshake

To create your Handshake account, sign up with your college email address and download the app. You can get it on Google Play and the Apple app store on your phone or tablet devices. You’ll be prompted to create a profile and you can put in your information.

Next, Handshake will ask about your degree, graduation date, college name, job interests, city, and more. Then you’ll meet with employers who also use Handshake. Employers tell you about their company and the open positions that are available. You can apply in a few minutes and violà – job and internship listings are right at your disposal! The platform makes finding job and internship opportunities for college students easier than ever. All thanks to the Handshake job platform.

Why Handshake Over Other Job Platforms?

With so many job platforms out there, what makes Handshake so special? You may have heard of Indeed, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, and other job search platforms. But they don’t help students the same way Handshake does. The hardest part about searching for a job is qualifying for one. On other job posting sites, you’ll see so many open positions but none are entry-level or require you to have an extensive work background.

As a college student, it’s hard to meet a lot of those requirements because you’ve been in school full-time so employers might easily overlook your application. Handshake is literally made for students with no work experience on their resumes. Employers who post employment opportunities on this site understand that students and recent grads have little experience. And knowing this, these are all employers who want to consider hiring you.

Not only do they have legitimate employers on their platform for entry-level positions, but you’ll also be able to have one-on-one conversations with said employers. It’s the number one way college students are starting their careers and landing great jobs right after graduation. You’ll be excited to see companies like Goldman Sachs, Target, Bank of America, and other companies are using the platform to hire students. 


As your graduation date is getting closer, you may feel stressed out about finding a full-time job immediately. With the Handshake platform, you can connect with many employers who are looking to hire recent graduates and entry-level candidates to help them build their careers. The job listing platform is user-friendly for students and employers. And, signing up takes only a few minutes. Use your college email to create your Handshake and see how many opportunities are out there for students like you. Handshake was made by a student, for students, and it’s the perfect way to go into this next stage of life more confident and with a new job!

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