College Raptor’s Online Matching Platform Connects Colleges With Prospective Students, Provides Customized Tools for Awarding Financial Aid

New Organization Assists in Enrollment Management Optimization for Higher Ed

Iowa City, Iowa (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

As part of its continued commitment to bringing transparency to the college search process, College Raptor today announced a suite of services designed to support colleges and universities as they recruit and award financial aid packages to prospective students.

“The traditional metrics that colleges and universities use to estimate their incoming classes, inquiries and applications are fundamentally changing,” said College Raptor founder and CEO Bill Staib. “Students are applying to more schools than ever before. With our data-driven solutions, colleges can better identify prospective-match students and award financial aid to achieve their enrollment goals.”

Considering Academics, Culture and Net Cost

Students throughout the country use College Raptor’s online college-matching platform to find schools quickly that meet their academic, cultural and financial situations. They can research college options and find their unique estimated net price of attendance at any four-year institution in the United States.

College Raptor’s innovative technology connects colleges and universities with qualified students, including information about a prospective student’s academic profile, demographic information, intended area of study and financial circumstances. These highly targeted profiles improve the efficiency of the recruitment process by allowing colleges to focus their resources on the students who meet their enrollment requirements and have demonstrated interest in the school.

“One of the biggest challenges facing college admissions officers today is turning targeted prospects into enrolled students,” said Michael Barron, a college admissions and enrollment professional with more than 45 years of experience and a member of College Raptor’s Advisory Board. “The key to success is utilizing intelligent tools to guide strategic decisions that positively impact enrollment.”

Customized Tiered-Entry Net Price Calculator

Colleges and universities can license and customize College Raptor’s Net Price Calculator both to meet the federal mandate for an online calculator and to generate student leads. Featuring a unique tiered design, the calculator allows students to enter limited information to get an initial estimate or more data to get an improved estimate of their net price. With College Raptor’s technology, colleges can provide on-demand financial aid award letters in the U.S. Department of Education’s standardized format that allows students and parents to understand costs clearly and compare them with other institutions.

Competitive Analysis and Aid Recommendation Solution

InsightFA™ from College Raptor uses the company’s unique financial aid data and modeling capabilities to provide enrollment officers with competitive intelligence for each prospective student. They can use the tool to integrate and analyze estimated financial aid awards quickly from competing institutions, providing unprecedented insight for making financial aid award decisions. The solution also estimates the likelihood of each prospect enrolling, as well as insight into how changing financial aid awards can impact student enrollment decisions.

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About College Raptor, Inc.
College Raptor builds products to help college enrollment managers, high school counselors, prospective students and parents resolve some of the biggest challenges related to college planning, financing and enrollment. Developed by successful tech entrepreneur and father of five William Staib, in collaboration with Richard Ferguson, who served as the CEO of ACT for 22 years, College Raptor is the only college search platform that allows users to estimate their individual “net” cost for attending every four-year college in the United States. As a result, students and their families discover quality college options they might never have considered because of a lack of awareness or financial concerns based on a college’s sticker price.

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