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Scholarships For Social Sciences Majors

The Social Sciences are a broad field that includes a wide array of topics ranging from psychology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, to history, economics, and political science. Luckily there are plenty of social science majors scholarships that can help reduce your overall debt. There are no restrictions as to how many scholarships you can apply to. …
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Scholarships For Humanities Majors

Humanities is the study of different cultures across different time periods. Humanities programs typically include courses in Philosophy, Fine Arts, English, Foreign Language, History, Social Science, and Literature, all of which help students gain a better appreciation and understanding of the diversity of human culture. Armed with a degree in Humanities, you can go on …
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Scholarships For Cosmetology Students

The field of cosmetology has grown tremendously over the past few years. With advancements in technology making cosmetic procedures more effective, safer and even more affordable than ever before, people are less hesitant about undergoing various types of beauty treatments. This means there is a growing demand for qualified cosmetologists. If this is a field …
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College Scholarships for Business and Commerce Majors

The fields of Business and Commerce are probably some of the most sought-after majors today. In addition to being versatile, these two fields also offer a lot of scope for employment. Salaries for new graduates are also among the highest compared to many other fields. Unfortunately, a lot of students often drop out mid-way due …
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Scholarships For Students Interested in Nutrition and Dietetics

With people suffering from malnutrition on one end and obesity in the other, dietitians and nutritionists are in high demand. Are you are into creating customized diets? What about helping different people meet their individual nutritional needs? Then this may be an excellent career path for you. However, becoming a dietitian requires several years of …
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College Scholarships for Food Lovers

Food-related careers have tremendous earning potential. However, it’s not just the money that has contributed to the popularity of this career field. The versatility of this field has its own appeal. Food lovers can choose to pursue a food-related career in just about any type of eatery, from a standalone specialty restaurant to a fine-dining …
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Chatting with Scholarship Winner Jonathan Hogan!

I got the chance to speak with soon-to-be-freshman Jonathan Hogan about his recent College Raptor scholarship win as well as his college search and selection process. Here’s what Jonathan had to say! Tell us a little about yourself! Hi, my name is Jonathan Hogan, and I am a recent graduate of Murphy High School, located …
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3 More Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students

We recently talked about seven scholarships for LGBTQ+ students, but those aren’t the only ones available. There are dozens of scholarship opportunities out there. We’ve found three more LGBTQ+ scholarships to help continue your search. Victor Agnoni Visual Arts Foundation Scholarship Amount: Varies Deadline: April 24, 2020 Nicholas Agnoni created the Victor Agnoni Visual Arts …
Check out these international relations scholarships!

Scholarships For International Relations / Affairs Majors

A major in international relations is a detailed study of the interactions between different nations across the planet. In recent years international relations have expanded to outer space. Any probes sent out must also adhere to treaties created in consultation with international relations experts. This field has several challenges ahead and needs to adapt quickly …
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Scholarships for Information Technology Majors

As technology integrates more and more into businesses and everyday lives, the need for technology professionals grows. Information Technology is one such field of study that has seen exponential growth and popularity. For students majoring in IT, here are a number of helpful information technology scholarships: Foundation for IT Education Scholarships Amount: Varies Deadline: May …