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A person swimming in a pool.

Scholarships for Swimmers

If you are a competitive swimmer and plan on continuing with your favorite sport while you are in college, it’s nice to know that you can get some financial aid to help fund your tuition. Nearly all swimming scholarships are school-specific, though there are a few national opportunities.  Here are some great examples: NCAA Divisions …
Magazines scattered on top of each other.

Scholarships For Advertising Majors

Advertising is one of those few fields where newcomers are valued as highly as experienced professionals. Talented newcomers are often employed by organizations, enterprises, and companies to spearhead their advertising campaigns keeping in mind the latest trends. This ensures that they stay ahead of the game at all times. If you are passionate about advertising …
A satellite in space with the Earth in the background.

Scholarships For Aerospace Engineering Students

With the marked increase in air travel, and more recently, private space exploration, the field of aerospace engineering is garnering more interest than ever before. However, pursuing a career in this field can take years of advanced study. If you are passionate about engineering and more specifically the development, design and manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and …
Interested in gaming? There are gaming-related hobby scholarships available

Hobby Scholarships

Not all scholarships are academic or sports-based. In fact, you can earn some scholarship money based on your hobbies! That’s right, the things you do for fun in your free time can help you pay for college. Here are some hobby scholarships to check out. Scholastic Art & Writing Portfolio Awards Amount: $1,000; $10,000 Deadline: …
A grassy park with trees and flowers surrounding it, along with a pond in the middle.

Botany Scholarships

Interested in pursuing a career that involves working with plants? If you love all aspects of plants and plant sciences, then botany may be a perfect career choice for you. One of the best ways to study and find specialized work is by completing your college education. It isn’t cheap though and that’s where winning …
Do you have red hair? This is just one of many scholarships for physical attributes

Scholarships for Physical Attributes

Who knew you could qualify for scholarships thanks to your genes and physical attributes! These are just a few scholarships for physical attributes for just that. ScholarshipRed Amount: $500 If you have red hair (less than 2% of people in the United States do!), ScholarshipRed is tailored just for you. Awarding $500 to red heads, …
Two cats sleeping on top of a red blanket.

Scholarships for Animal Lovers

Whether you want to work towards the welfare of amphibians or reptiles, pet cats or horses, you will find plenty of scholarship opportunities that offer financial aid for college-going animal lovers like you. Check out these interesting scholarships for animal lovers and apply to those that you qualify for. A Voice for Animals Essay Contest …
Even more unique scholarships: National Marbles Tournament Scholarships

Even More Unique Scholarships!

There is no shortage of unique, bizarre, weird, odd, and interesting scholarships out there. From quirky interests to strange hobbies, scholarships wait for the ideal candidate. All they have to do is look. College Raptor rounded up even more unique scholarship opportunities for students here! Be sure to check out our other unique scholarship lists: …
A pair of twins sitting at a beach.

Scholarships for Twins!

For a large number of families across America, the cost of college is prohibitive. And that’s just for one child. For parents with twins, paying for two children to attend college at the same time can be a challenge. Scholarships for twins can help ease the burden of funding two college tuitions simultaneously. Fortunately, there …
A grassy meadow against a blue sky.

Scholarships for Students Studying the Environment

Are you working towards a degree that will help help the planet? Interested in conservation, protection, green energy, or something similar? There are some environmental scholarships you’ll definitely want to check out then. Here are just a few to get you started. Wisconsin Garden Club Foundation Scholarships Amount: $1,000—$2,500 Deadline: January 20 The Wisconsin Garden …