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Scholarships for Sociology Majors

Sociology students study the various aspects of social development and social structure. They focus on the study of the collective behavior of people in different societies as opposed to the study of individual behavior. Students who major in sociology can go on to specialize in a number of interesting fields including social inequality, criminal injustice, …
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Scholarships for Geography Majors

A major in geography can lead to several interesting career options. Qualified geographers are in high demand in the public and private sectors where they may be employed in a wide range of fields including but not limited to meteorology, urban planning, exploration, land surveying, GPS navigation, geographic information systems, disaster relief, conservation, and even …
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Scholarships for Transportation Majors

Transportation companies are growing, and due to that there are more opportunities for those who want to go into the industry as carrier managers, logistics crew members, air traffic controller, pilots, and truck drivers. Truck driving is one of the most popular careers in the U.S. and is also expected to grow by at least …
If you love reading, here are some scholarships for book lovers

Scholarships for Book Lovers

If you’re a lover of literature, then we’ve got good news for you. There are plenty of scholarship opportunities available that are inspired by authors, books, and the written word. From classics to Shakespeare, there are scholarships for every book lover.  Check out a few scholarships for book lovers below! Signet Classics Student Scholarship Essay …
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Scholarships for Students Interested in Linguistics

Linguistics is the analysis of human speech, language and its various components, its history, origins, and dynamics. A linguistics degree can also serve as an entry point to the field of computational linguistics, which is the modeling of natural language in computers. Linguistics majors are also in great demand as professional teachers who can teach …
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American Sign Language (ASL) Scholarships

Sign Language fosters communication on multiple levels. If you are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) or plan to study it during college, you may qualify for some scholarships. There aren’t as many when compared to other majors, but there are a few, so research is important. Also consider looking into bilingual scholarships, as ASL …
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Scholarships For Students Interested in Human Resources

Hoping to find a position in human resources after graduating from college? If you’re pursuing a degree in human resources or a related business field, don’t worry. There are plenty of scholarships out there that you might qualify for. Check out these three for starters. SHRM Undergraduate Scholarships Amount: $2,500 Deadline: August 15, 2020 The …
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5 Scholarships For International Business Majors

The tremendous opportunities available in International Business make this a highly sought-after major. It is also a rather challenging course and worrying over how much you need to borrow to enroll in an International Business program can be stressful and distracting. Getting scholarships can help ease the financial burden leaving you free to focus on …
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Scholarships For Earth Science Majors

Are you curious about the Earth’s origin? What how glaciers are formed? Or, why earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes happen? Let’s assume you want to do more research on these topics. Then, you should check out these Earth Science scholarships. Multiple organizations offer their own earth science major scholarships. Even better, many colleges also offer scholarships …
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Scholarships For Gender Studies

Although gender studies is a relatively new academic stream, it is quickly becoming very popular. It offers tremendous potential for anyone passionate about this field. Students who major in gender studies go on to work in sociology, economics, politics, business, as well as social work. If you are looking at pursuing a career that focuses …