State Grants for Florida Students

Florida has quite a few grants, programs, and scholarships to help students afford college in the state! We’ve listed a few of these below!

Florida College Grants

1. Bright Futures Scholarship

The most well-known scholarship program in Florida is the Bright Futures Scholarship which can cover up to 100% of tuition cost and is renewable each year.  The amount you win depends on the school you’re attending and the award you receive.

Florida Academic Scholars (FAS), for example, receive enough money to cover their entire cost of attendance, tuition and fees, if they are attending a public institution in Florida. A comparable amount is granted if you decide to attend a private institution. Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) receive enough to cover 75% of education costs.

In order to qualify for Bright Futures, a student must

  • Be a Florida resident.
  • Achieve a minimum GPA. 0 is required for FMS, and 5 is required for FAS. Note: These requirements can change based on the award year.
  • Earn a minimum score on the ACT or SAT. FMS: 25 ACT or 1210 SAT OR 29 FAS: ACT or 1330 SAT. These requirements can change based on the award year.
  • Complete a number of service hours. 75 hours for FMS or 100 hours for FAS.
  • Finish the required high school credits in English, Math, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Language.
  • Complete their Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) before August 31st after their high school graduation year.
  • Be attending a participating public or private Florida college.

Students can also be named Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) and Gold Seal CAPE Scholars (GSC). For more information about the Bright Futures Scholarship, check out the handbooks here.

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2. Benacquisto Scholarship Program

For Florida students who have been named a National Merit Scholar, there is the Benacquisto Scholarship Program. It awards any money the student needs to cover education expenses that weren’t already paid for by the National Merit award or Bright Futures.

In addition to being named a Scholar, students must

  • Be a Florida resident and earn a high school diploma or equivalent in Florida
  • Enroll full time in a bachelor’s program
  • Be attending an eligible Florida college

The award can also be renewed if the student maintains a 3.0 GPA.

3. First Generation Matching Grant Program (FGMG)

A need-based grant program, FGMG is for undergraduate students who are the first in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree. Award amounts, deadlines, application procedures, and more are set by the school, if they are a participating member of the program.

In order to be eligible, students also need to

  • Complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Meet application procedures set forth by their college
  • Be a Florida resident
  • Be enrolled at least part time

4. Florida Farmworker Student Scholarship Program (FFSS)

 For students who are farmworkers or the child of a farmworker, there is the FFSS program. Up to 50 students who have demonstrated financial need will receive all college expenses covered.

In addition to being a Florida resident, students have to

  • Have at least a 3.5 GPA from high school
  • Complete at least 30 service hours
  • Have a 90% attendance rate in high school
  • Have had no disciplinary action
  • Meet the definitions of a farmworker, child of one, or retired farmworker
  • Complete their FFAA and FAFSA by specific deadlines

5. And More

 Other Florida programs you may want to look into include:

  • Effective Access to Student Education (EASE)
  • Florida Law Enforcement Academy Scholarship Program
  • Florida Student Assistance Grant – Career Education
  • Honorably Discharged Graduate Assistance Program
  • Florida Work Experience Program
  • José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant
  • Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship
  • Minority Teacher Education Scholarship
  • Randolph Bracy Ocoee Scholarship Program
  • Rosewood Family Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans

Where Can You Find More Information about Florida State Grants?

If you want to learn more about the Bright Futures Scholarship or one of the other scholarships, grants, and programs we listed above, we recommend heading to the Florida Student Scholarship Grant Programs page from the Office of Student Financial Assistance website. There you can find fact sheets, handbooks, and other details regarding eligibility, award amounts, applications, and more. For other college and financial aid resources, you may also want to visit the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) website.

Florida has several state grants, scholarships, and programs for its college students, both merit and need based. However, for some, these awards may not be enough to cover all costs associated with college. Our Scholarship Search Tool can help you discover other awards you may qualify for and make the search for scholarships a breeze.


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