8 Scholarships for Students in Florida

Florida is known for its sandy beaches, world-class resorts, and swampy wildlife, among many other things. However, alongside tourist attractions, Florida contains several world-class institutions of higher learning. Additionally, young Floridians have the opportunity to follow their dreams through various scholarships offered all over the state. Here are just a few scholarships in Florida!

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Arts For Life! Scholarship

Amount: $2,000

Deadline: TBD for 2020-2021

Columba Bush, wife of former Florida governor and recent presidential candidate Jeb Bush, established this scholarship in 1999 for students planning to attend school for the arts.

The scholarship was founded by the former First Lady of Florida grants a $2,000 initial scholarship towards freshman year of study, followed by subsequent $1,000 scholarships for continuing study. These scholarships are awarded to 25 graduating seniors across the state of Florida who plan to pursue either creative writing, dance, drama, music or visual art in college.

Since the award’s inception, more than 400 students have received the AFL! scholarship. To be eligible, students must be residents of Florida and submit a 500-word essay on how studying the arts positively influenced their lives.

The State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida Scholarships

Amount: Varying

Deadline: On-site during Project Set-Up

Students participating in the State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida (SSEF) qualify for the multiple scholarships available. These scholarships help college students afford part of their tuition and other educational fees. Teachers must nominate students for some of the scholarships, while other scholarships have separate applications. Take a look at their website for more information.

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Community Foundation For Palm Beach And Martin Counties Scholarships

Amount: Varying

Deadline: TBD for Fall 2021 (Opens October 2020)

This scholarship, like many in Florida, is limited to locals, available to high school seniors in Palm Beach or Martin county. Established in 1983 to help low-income students, the grant has given more than 7.5 million so far to around 1700 students.

Several different scholarships are available through the program, which is operated by the Palm Beach and Martin Community Foundation. Some of the awards are for specific schools, others for regions, others for academic achievement, but all are awarded in terms of need and designed to even the playing field for low-income students.

John D. Mashek Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: May 3, 2020

Also exclusive to Palm Beach county, this award is available to local seniors who have been accepted into college and are pursuing architectural, interior or landscape design. It is awarded in memory of John D. Mashek, Palm Beach Preservation’s late President and Chairman.

The award asks for a college acceptance letter, accomplishment list, as well as a personal statement in the application.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

Amount: Varying

Deadline: Any time your senior year in high school, before graduation

Florida prides itself on taking care of its own, reflected in the Bright Futures program. The program rewards high academic achievement among low-income students who otherwise would not be able to afford college.

To be eligible for the award, Florida residents must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form and submit a copy to the Bright Futures program. Once they review the form and other transcripts, several scholarships of varying amounts are granted and renewed each year as long as certain academic standards are met.

Minority Teacher Education Scholarship

Amount: $4,000

Deadline: August 2 (Fall); November 30 (Spring)

According to the 2010 census, people of color make up nearly 43% of the Florida population. In order to reflect the growing diversity in their state, the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers strives to ensure that students from diverse ethnic backgrounds are given equal opportunities for a job in the classroom.

The Minority Teacher Education Scholarship (MTES) is awarded annually to a varying number of college juniors at FFMT-approved universities who have not yet received degrees. The MTES aims to help these students finish their education, as well as help them continue the path to becoming a teacher.

In order to retain the scholarship, recipients must attend annual symposiums, maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, and pledge to teach one year in a Florida public school for each year the scholarship is given.

Central Florida Jazz Society Scholarship

Amount: $2,500

Deadline: March 15, 2020

The southern tradition of jazz music extends its reach deeply into Florida, specifically the middle of the state. To ensure the tradition continues, the Central Florida Jazz Society offers awards to six students/jazz-musicians in the making for whatever practical use they see fit. The funds awarded to the student can be used for either tuition, private lessons, or an instrument.

The scholarship has no hard age limits. It is also available to students in either senior year or first three years of college. A live audition at Rollins College (in Winter Park, Florida) is required for consideration.

Wilkes Honors College Scholarships

Amount: $72,000 (maximum)

Deadline: December 15 (Admittance)

The Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College, at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, is one of the state’s top honors colleges. All students at Wilkes receive scholarships, but the amount varies depending on which scholarship is applied for. The most competitive and highest-paying is the Flagler scholarship, awarded annually to an incoming freshman who is a Florida resident and has also demonstrated outstanding academic and community achievement throughout their high school career.

The Flagler scholarship, a “full ride,” covers not only four years of room/board and tuition, but provides the student with four fully paid for summer enrichment programs. In total, the award is often appraised at over $72,000, which is worth a shot.


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