State Grants for Idaho Students

The state of Idaho offers a number of grants, scholarships, and programs that can help make college more affordable. Here are some details and resources to help you get started!

Idaho College Grants

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1. Idaho Opportunity Scholarship

The Idaho Opportunity Scholarship awards up to $3,500 each academic year and it is renewable (for up to four years). In order to qualify, students need to have

  • At least a 2.7 GPA
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Be an Idaho resident and have graduated from an Idaho high school
  • Complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1st
  • Complete their State Board Education scholarship application by March 1st
  • Maintain academic standards set forth by the school
  • Be attending one of the participating colleges

There is also the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship for Adult Learners which has similar but slightly different requirements and application processes.


2. Tschudy Family Scholarship

The Tschudy Family Scholarship is for students who have graduated from Emmett High School. Winners receive $2,500 per year and the award is renewable for 4 years of undergraduate school and 2 years of graduate school.

Students must meet certain criteria, including:

  • Be an Idaho resident
  • Graduated from Emmett High School within the last seven years or be a current high school senior
  • Be attending college full time at a participating school
  • Complete FAFSA
  • Have a 2.6 GPA or higher

Winners are selected based on academic merit, financial need, and integrity.

3. Idaho Governor’s Cup Scholarship

 The Idaho Governor’s Cup Scholarship awards about 25 students in Idaho with a renewable $3,000 prize that can be used at four-year academic programs or career technical programs. To apply, students should

  • Be an Idaho resident and be graduating from an Idaho high school or home school
  • Be attending school full-time and straight out of high school
  • Have a 2.8 GPA or higher
  • Have documented volunteer work, public service, and similar experience (required)

Students also have to write a 500 word essay about their interests and goals.

4. And More

  • GEAR UP Idaho Scholarship 2
  • Idaho Postsecondary Credit Scholarship
  • Armed Forces/Public Safety Officer Dependent Scholarship

 Where Can You Find More Information About Idaho State Grants?

For more information about the above awards, be sure to head to the Idaho Board of Education website. There you can find applications, contact information, and requirements for each. You can also discover external links to Idaho schools, financial aid resources, and more.

Even with grants, school expenses can exceed the amount you’re awarded. For some students, loans may be required. Our Student Loan Finder helps you identify the best resources for you and compare them at the same time.

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