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Chatting with Scholarship Winner Jonathan Hogan!

I got the chance to speak with soon-to-be-freshman Jonathan Hogan about his recent College Raptor scholarship win as well as his college search and selection process. Here’s what Jonathan had to say! Tell us a little about yourself! Hi, my name is Jonathan Hogan, and I am a recent graduate of Murphy High School, located …
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3 More Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students

A rainbow flag fluttering against the sky. scholarships
We recently talked about seven scholarships for LGBTQ+ students, but those aren’t the only ones available. There are dozens of scholarship opportunities out there. We’ve found three more LGBTQ+ scholarships to help continue your search. Victor Agnoni Visual Arts Foundation Scholarship Amount: Varies Deadline: April 24, 2020 Nicholas Agnoni created the Victor Agnoni Visual Arts …
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Scholarships For International Relations / Affairs Majors

Check out these international relations scholarships! scholarships
A major in international relations is a detailed study of the interactions between different nations across the planet. In recent years international relations have expanded to outer space. Any probes sent out must also adhere to treaties created in consultation with international relations experts. This field has several challenges ahead and needs to adapt quickly …
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Scholarships for Information Technology Majors

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As technology integrates more and more into businesses and everyday lives, the need for technology professionals grows. Information Technology is one such field of study that has seen exponential growth and popularity. For students majoring in IT, here are a number of helpful information technology scholarships: Foundation for IT Education Scholarships Amount: Varies Deadline: May …
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Scholarships For Students Who Love Museums

A student standing in front of multiple paintings. scholarships
Does visiting museums typically feature right at the top of your sightseeing list when you are traveling? Do you enjoy spending your free time visiting different museums in your city or driving across to neighboring states to visit? Your love for museums could be your ticket to winning one or more generous museum studies scholarships …
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Scholarships for Vegans

There are a number of noble reasons to live a vegan lifestyle—whether it’s health benefits, animal rights, eco-friendly sustainable living, or something else. Luckily for vegan students, there are a few scholarships dedicated to funding part of their higher education! Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship Amount: Up to $3,500 Offered by the Humane Society of the United …
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Scholarships for Hospitality Majors

A hotel lobby decorated with orange furniture. scholarships
Are you planning to major in hospitality or a related field? Keep an eye out for hospitality major scholarships! Like other majors, there are also plenty of awards in the hospitality field.  From travel to event management, there’s something out there for you. Below are three scholarships to help you start searching. Restaurant Association of …
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Good Deed Scholarships

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Many organizations are keen to inspire in students a sense of giving without expecting anything in return. Towards this end, they have instituted several generous scholarships to support students who demonstrate a strong commitment to working towards the welfare of others within and outside of their own communities. Several hours spent volunteering and helping others …
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Scholarships For Skaters

A close-up shot of an ice skater's skates. scholarships
If you are passionate about skating, whether as a hobby or as a competitive sport, you will find several organizations willing to offer you financial support to help you meet your higher education goals. In the list below, you will find scholarships for a wide variety of skating sports. Additionally, the time you spend browsing …
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