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Chatting With $1,000 Scholarship Winner Jack Do!

Runner up scholarship winner Jack Do scholarships
Congratulations to Jack Do, recipient of the $1,000 College Raptor scholarship award! Through his essay, I learned more about Jack’s college search journey and the challenges he faced. Check out Jack’s Q&A below! He has a lot of interesting things to say, and plenty of advice to give for fellow students. Tell us a little …
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Chatting with Scholarship Winner Alexandra Szewc!

College Raptor scholarship winner Alexandra scholarships
Congratulations to Alexandra Szewc, the $2,500 College Raptor scholarship winner! I recently got the chance to ask her about her college search journey and the challenges that came with it. This is what she had to say! Tell us a little about yourself! Hello! My name is Alexandra Szewc. I’m a senior at the Academy …
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Chatting With Scholarship Winner Kaylee Aber!

scholarship winner kaylee aber scholarships
Congratulations to the most recent College Raptor $2500 scholarship winner, Kaylee Aber! I had the chance to chat with Kaylee about her college selection process, her financial plan, and what she plans to study. Check out what she has to say! Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Kaylee Aber, and I’m 18 …
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Scholarships For Actuarial Science Majors

A calculator and pen on top a piece of paper. scholarships
Actuarial science is the application of mathematics and statistics to assess risk in fields such as finance and insurance. This field involves the rigorous study of probability, statistics, mathematics, economics, finance and lately, computer science. In the past few years, actuarial science has grown to become a field that is highly desirable and sought after. …
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Scholarships For Aerospace Engineering Majors

A rocket launching into space. scholarships
Aerospace Engineering can lead to some very exciting careers. For example, crafting airships or developing spacecrafts. However, these fields require many years of study and hard work. Fortunately, there are several scholarships for aerospace engineering majors out there to help cover college tuition. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Program Amount: Varies Deadline: …
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Scholarships For Behavioral Sciences Majors

Paper boats on a surface, with one paper boat leading the others. scholarships
Interested in Behavioral Sciences? Behavioral Science studies how living organisms behave and interact with each other in the world. Behavioral science programs cover also several disciplines. For example, such programs include psychology, economics, and counseling. A Behavioral Sciences degree opens up the doors to multiple careers. For example, education, politics, and business careers. However, a …
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Scholarships For Social Sciences Majors

A student standing in front of multiple paintings. scholarships
The Social Sciences are a broad field that includes a wide array of topics ranging from psychology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, to history, economics, and political science. Luckily there are plenty of social science majors scholarships that can help reduce your overall debt. There are no restrictions as to how many scholarships you can apply to. …
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Scholarships For Humanities Majors

A person typing on a typewriter. scholarships
Humanities is the study of different cultures across different time periods. Humanities programs typically include courses in Philosophy, Fine Arts, English, Foreign Language, History, Social Science, and Literature, all of which help students gain a better appreciation and understanding of the diversity of human culture. Armed with a degree in Humanities, you can go on …
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Scholarships For Cosmetology Students

Various makeup brushes side-by-side. scholarships
The field of cosmetology has grown tremendously over the past few years. With advancements in technology making cosmetic procedures more effective, safer and even more affordable than ever before, people are less hesitant about undergoing various types of beauty treatments. This means there is a growing demand for qualified cosmetologists. If this is a field …
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College Scholarships for Business and Commerce Majors

A student in a suit jacket talking to another person. scholarships
The fields of Business and Commerce are probably some of the most sought-after majors today. In addition to being versatile, these two fields also offer a lot of scope for employment. Salaries for new graduates are also among the highest compared to many other fields. Unfortunately, a lot of students often drop out mid-way due …
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