State Grants for Colorado Students

Colorado has a few different state grants, scholarships, and financial aid programs that can help students make college more affordable, including the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI). Find them listed below.

Colorado College Grants

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colorado seal1. Matching Student Scholarship Grants

COSI was introduced in 2015 with the idea of helping Colorado students with the cost of college and works in conjunction with the Matching Student Scholarship Grants. This program partners with local programs and will match any scholarship dollars. It helps to promote scholarships in communities, tuition assistance programs, and workforce development programs.

To be eligible for the Matching Student Scholarship Grant, you have to have 250% or less of PELL eligibility. Over 6,000 students are assisted each year.

2. College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The COF offers a stipend to students to help cover in-state tuition. Current and future undergraduate students are eligible, but the amount paid is determined by the credit hour. Only some Colorado colleges participate in the program.

3. Colorado Second Chance Scholarship Program

The Colorado Second Chance Scholarship Program is for students who have been released, within the last 5 years, from the juvenile correctional facility, Division of Youth Services (DYS). Students, in order to be eligible, must also demonstrate financial need, be ASSET eligible, and be a Colorado resident.

The award grants up to $5,000 a year and can be used at colleges and online programs. Only some colleges participate in the program, but those interested can apply through the COSI Application Portal. Deadlines vary depending on when the student will be attending college, but the application system is rolling.

4. Foster Youth Financial Assistance Program

All public higher education institutions in the state can offer financial assistance for students who were in foster care. The program covers any financial gap between other assistance granted and the cost of attending the school. Costs are split 50/50 between the college and the state.

In order to be eligible, the student must

  • Have been in foster care on or after their 13th birthday. However, there is no age limit to apply for the program
  • Be attending an eligible college in Colorado
  • Complete their FAFSA/CASFA
  • Maintain academic standards set forth by the school
  • Be taking their first 132 semester credit hours or 198 quarter credit hours

5. And Other Programs

Colorado has a few other programs to help educate students about financial aid and affordable college experiences, including:

  • Community Partner Program Grants
  • CollegeInvest
  • Colorado Collegiate Apprenticeship Program
  • Colorado GearUp

Where Can You Find More Information About Colorado College Grants?

To learn more about Colorado grant programs, financial aid assistance, information, and other programs that help elevate Colorado-based college, students should visit the Colorado Department of Higher Education website.

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