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How to Discover the Best Major For You

A student sitting at a desk with office supplies in the foreground. college majors & minors
If you’re struggling to decide on a major, you’re not alone. Many students aren’t quite sure what they’d like to study and those that are sure sometimes change their mind once they start attending school. It’s not uncommon for college students to change their major once or even twice before graduating. Here are some tips …
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How To Choose Between Two College Majors

how to choose between two college majors college majors & minors
It’s not uncommon to see students torn between two majors. After all, we do have multiple interests. It is entirely possible to be attracted to two completely different career paths. You may romanticize the idea of being a graphic designer, but you may also be passionate about kinesiology, but both of these require that you …
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More Bizarre College Majors

college majors & minors
You already know about these 5 bizarre college majors. Well, the list is much longer than that. We’ve found a few more bizarre majors for you to look through. If you have not been able to find something that interests you from among the common majors, you may find one that piques your interest in …
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Some of the Fastest Growing Undergraduate Majors

Fire science is one of the fastest growing majors. college majors & minors
It’s normal for majors to become more popular or less popular over time. There’s been quite a lot of growth for a number of subjects over the past five to eighteen years. Here are just some of the fastest-growing undergraduate majors: Health and Medical Majors Some fast-growing majors fall under the category of health and …
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Myths About “Practical Majors”

It's a myth that students who pick practical majors get a job immediately after college. college majors & minors
It’s a long-standing myth that students who choose ‘practical majors’ such as business, finance, engineering, accounting, or biology, have a better chance of snagging a job immediately after they graduate. At first thought, it seems very plausible but on second thought, there are a lot of flaws to this reasoning. Hire Rates While certain STEM …
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