3 Main Benefits To Knowing Your Major Before College Starts

There’s a lot of decision making during the college process, and choosing a college major can be a nerve-wracking one—so much so, many students start college without actually deciding on a major. While having an undeclared major is not the end of the world, it could cause you to lose out on some of the benefits that you would otherwise enjoy.

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Makes It Easier to Shortlist Colleges

Choosing your intended major makes it easier for you to shortlist colleges to apply to. By simply short-listing only those colleges that offer your chosen major, you immediately eliminate all others from your list. No need to pore over the programs of the thousands of colleges in the US looking for something that interests you.

You Save Time Knowing Your Major

If you know your major—and stick to it—you won’t waste time trying out different classes in an attempt to figure out which one to choose as your major. Also, if it is a major that starts early, you won’t run the risk of falling behind because you started later than your peers.

You Save Money

Depending on the major you choose, a late decision may mean you have to take additional classes to catch up. If it is a rigorous program, a late decision may force you to add an extra year to your college education. This could cost you several thousands of dollars more by the time you graduate.

Additionally, there are many scholarship opportunities based on major—even the most niche of studies. If you know what you want to major in, you’ll be pleased to know that many scholarships target students who intend to major in a certain subject. You can find award money before you even start college!

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