How To Use Your Intended Major in the College Search

Use your intended major to find a college

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When searching for your potential future college, there will be quite a few things you will have to keep in mind. This may include the school’s dorm rooms, the location, the size of the school, the college’s reputation, and, of course, your major. Here’s how you can use your intended major in your college search.

Search By Intended Major

The easiest way to find a college that fits your needs is to actually use an online tool that searches using your major. One perfect example of this is actually College Raptor’s Majors database, where you can see majors and programs for each degree, ranked by popularity and number of students.

Once you find your major, you can find the top schools for that particular subject. If the top 10 don’t work for you, either location, cost, or for another reason, make sure to change the settings to include more top ranked colleges and universities.

Explore Each College’s Program

Once you’ve decided on a few schools that have your major, it’s time to look further into each program. What are the pros and cons of each? What are the career rates after graduation from each school? Do the programs include the courses you need for your intended career? What are the opinions of alumni who have received degrees in that major?

However, ensure you’re looking beyond the major at well. It shouldn’t be the sole reason you attend the school. How else does it shape up? Choose a college by comparing each school to your needs, wants, and each other. How does this college rank when compared to others, either on your current list or off?

Start To Rule Out Schools

Sadly, it may be a fact that your dream school doesn’t have your intended major or an ideal program for your future career. Once you’ve explored the pros and cons of each college or university, it’s time to narrow down your schools and deciding which you will want to apply to.

If it helps, try making a list of the benefits of each college. Ensure you’re applying only to the ones that have your major, have programs that interest you, and campuses or activities that fit your needs and wants. However, be realistic about your application. If you don’t have the grades or extracurricular background to get into your dream school, you will absolutely want to have backups that have strong programs in your intended major. Don’t only apply to your dream school! It could spell disaster come fall semester.

You absolutely want to use your intended major when you’re starting your search for a college. You don’t want to apply to a school and discover it doesn’t even have the courses or major you need to succeed and follow your career path! Start with College Raptor’s search tool. Make a profile for yourself so you can save the schools that best fit your needs, wants, and desired future!