How To Discover A College Based On Your Intended Major

Discovering colleges based on your intended college major may sound easy—you just do a search online and you will get a list of hundreds of colleges that match your search term within seconds. Right?

A brown college building with a clock tower on the side of the building.

Searching for Colleges

But things can get complicated from there. How do you narrow down that list? Should you do it by college reputation, location, size, tuition fees, or some other criteria? How much should your intended major weigh in on your final decision? You are more likely than not to find the shortlisting process highly overwhelming.

It can take weeks of going through the website of each college on that list to determine if they tick all the boxes. What can be even more frustrating is when you find a college that sounds like a perfect match in almost every way and then discover that it’s too far away or that the campus does not offer the athletic facilities that you are looking for.

College Raptor Can Help!

A far simpler, faster and more efficient way to discover a college based on your intended major is by using College Raptor’s free match tool! With this tool, you enter some basic information such as your GPA, intended major, financial details, and other preferences, and the tool will compose a list of schools that match your requirements.

What is particularly useful about College Raptor’s match tool is that it takes majors into consideration while making personalized college matches. It will suggest schools with well-known programs related to your chosen major, that also fit with you on a number of other preferences. When you use this tool you may discover some colleges that you had not even known about. Narrowing this list further to select your top college choices is easy.

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