Myth: Lesser-Known Schools Must Not Be Good

There is a common misconception that if a lesser-known school isn’t worthwhile. Brand-name is best, right? Not necessarily.

A picture of a red-bricked college campus building.

Lesser-known doesn’t mean lesser.

There are hundreds of schools that are lesser-known and still incredible. These hidden gems can be an ideal college fit for many students and are oftentimes overlooked because they don’t have as much media coverage or word-of-mouth hype.

Smaller, unknown colleges can offer fantastic education and great resources as much as Ivy Leagues can. Don’t let a quiet reputation fool you.

Brand-name doesn’t automatically mean best for you.

Many people assume that getting into Harvard or Yale will set them with the best education possible. And while they are superb well-known schools, they may not be the right school for you.

College fit is incredibly important. You’re going to be spending 4+ years at a college, you should feel at home there. Your ideal environment might be a smaller campus with a smaller student body, so you can forge close friendships and meet one-on-one often with your professors. Or your fit might be on a large public campus with diversity and opportunities galore. That unique fit might not be found at a brand-name college.

College Raptor can help match you to lesser-known colleges

Our free match tool can be a great way to find some colleges you might not have heard about before. By filling out your preferences and interests—intended major, idea location, desired class size, etc.—you can be matched to colleges that will feel like a great fit.